Public Roadmap

This roadmap is the approximate order that we will be adding features. We do not give ETAs, and all features and the order we release them are subject to change at any point for any reason.

The roadmap is divided into streams. We exclude specific provisioning integrations as these can be developed by anyone by committing to our github repo. There are also many minor updates as well as thousands of bug fixes / features behind the scenes not included.

Substantial App Features

These are the big projects that involve co-ordinated back-end and front-end development on our side and make bring huge functionality improvements.

You can request features on our community forums

‘Vault’ for notes and secrets

Deferred revenue recognition management and reporting (

Free Trials

Additional Fraud Prevention tools (review changes made, KYC coming soon)

Webhooks and Notifications (V1 Coming June/July)

Vouchers (e.g. for free domains)

Remove ‘attributes’ and merge into options

Usage billing + tiered pricing


Bulk updates

Global search

Tools for sales teams

File Downloads


User Interface

Improvements to the user experience for staff and client users.

Client area redesign and UX enhancements (ongoing)

Order process optimisations

Support viewing a deleted client

Notification management improvements

Widget ecosystem (Widgets gradually releasing but UI for management in development))

Multiple accounts support

General Improvement Areas

These areas include sets of 10+ minor features. These are mostly small iterative improvements which we will combine and tackle en-masse.

Support Ticket System (in progress)

Affiliate Center

Payment Gateways

PayPal Subscriptions

Razorpay Tokenised (on hold due to Indian central bank changes)




Javascript embed on order form

Stripe SDK (includes Ideal)

Stripe SEPA

Mercado Pago





Amazon Pay

PayU India


Revolut Business

Domain Name Features

Domain transfer center

CCTld Fields

Domain contacts

Privacy Protection toggle

Easier control of registration vs. transfer pricing

Glue record creation

Import TLD pricing with markup

Bulk domain orders

Domain redemption process

Provisioning Features

Specific integrations are not included. We develop the framework and integrations will be tracked at

Server Category (Linode etc) ( but more to come)

SSLs Category (TheSslStore etc)

Sync tools

Blueprint customization (fields, functions, flows, automation)