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Putting clients at the heart of your business.

Clients are the focal point of any business, so it makes sense that Upmind puts your client information all in one place, right in the centre. Everything that happens in the Upmind system can be tied back to the client it relates to. Dynamic, customisable and accessible everywhere.

Upmind also gives your clients the ability to self-manage their account.

Add, list and manageAdd, list and manage

Add, list and manage

Manage infinite clients through the Upmind system. Adding a new client is as easy as just naming them. You can choose to let them login to their own client area.

Any new clients will appear automatically, along with a log of their visits and actions.

Client overview

Upmind deeply integrates different parts of your business.

All client information is easily to hand. View order or payment history, track support interactions, add custom notes, or configure settings such as custom price lists or contact information.

Client overviewClient overview
Filters and toolsFilters and tools

Filters and tools

Group, sort and tag clients in any way you want. Filter clients by specific criteria in order to send messages, apply bulk actions, or specify a discount level.

Add custom fields to client profiles to empower your client database. These fields can be required for clients or staff to enter. They can optionally be shown on invoices.


One click impersonation to log into a client dashboard, making explanations and support extremely efficient. All access and actions are logged indefinitely.

Staff users can see baskets in progress as well as client actions and a history of all communication.

GDPR Ready

Upmind goes beyond GDPR compliant requirements, helping you to keep customer data secure, accessible, and removable.

Analytics and Tracking

Deep integrations with Google Tag Manager and Analytics. Upmind also allows you to pass consistent UPM tracking data in order to track the source of your signups.

Affiliate tracking

Let clients refer other clients, generating tracking links. Alternatively integrate third-party affiliate systems.

Lead management

Track enquiries from new leads so you can build a sales process and see history before a client signs up.

Import tools

Import existing client data from external sources to migrate from legacy platforms to Upmind.

Branded Client AreaBranded Client Area

Branded Client Area

Let your clients help themselves with branded self-service client areas and ordering systems. Runs on your custom domain and integrates into your website.

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