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Plans & Pricing

Whether you're just starting out or scaling a seven-figure business, Upmind can support you. We have a generous free tier which gives you all our core features and functionality without charge – meaning most users pay nothing!

Frequently asked questions

How long does setup take?

Setup is instant. The sign up flow runs through our website and you can be up and running in under 30 seconds. You do not need to do any technical configuration yourself.

What software do I need to run Upmind?

Just a web browser.

Upmind is 100% SAAS, which means we host and provide the service to you. Hosting and all data is included in our monthly fee. Your Upmind instance will be hosted on AWS.

Can I use my own domain?

You can link your own domain name to Upmind, yes. We provide a temporary domain to start with, but you can link your own domain name (or subdomain). There is no extra charge for this.

How 'ready' is Upmind?

We have spent over four years building and testing Upmind. We knew that when we launched we wanted a product that did not have big functionality gaps.

Therefore -- while improving Upmind is something that will always be ongoing, and while we have a long future list of features, especially in terms of integrations -- Upmind is absolutely ready to use.

How do I get support?

We have comprehensive documentation at docs.upmind.com and community forums at upmind.com/community. You can also request support from within the application.

Can you help me get setup?

Upmind is really easy to use. Our support is great but we also have comprehensive knowledgebase at https://docs.upmind.com