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Provisioning services with upmind

Automatically create, control and manage external applications and systems using Upmind's powerful provisioning system. Let your billing system automate your business.

Upmind's provisioning system lets you manage third party systems; linking actions to the billing or product status in Upmind. This may be as simple as activating or de-activating software licences on order or cancellation, or as complex as automating an ISP's entire operations.

50+ Integrated Providers

Upmind has an increasing number of integrations for popular systems and software, especially for the hosting industry. These allow you to just tie in your provider credentials to automatically integrate.

We're constantly adding more; join our community to request specific providers.

50+ Integrated Providers50+ Integrated Providers
Hands-off automation, from creation to termination

Configure what happens on orders being placed, all the way through to subscriptions being cancelled. You can activate, suspend or deactivate third party services; as long as the service has an API it can be done.

Client-driven management tools

Control of third-party systems can be brought right within the Upmind client and admin areas. This includes single features like single sign-on (SSO) all the way through to advanced management controls.

Dynamic deployment

Add as many provision configurations as you like. When an order is placed you can staticly deploy that new product or service to a specific configuration, or dynamically deploy it to one of many provision configurations based on conditions you configure.

Unlimited configurations

There is no limit to the number of systems you integrate with. Upmind is infinitely scalable.

Provisioning LogProvisioning Log

Provisioning Log

All provision requests are logged. An order will be held in awaiting activation status if the provision request is not completed.

Write your own.

Coming Soon: The ability to create custom providers is in development.

Upmind is currently in beta. For now, our developers can create new blueprints on request if there is sufficient demand.

Write your own.Write your own.

Upmind for web hosts

Upmind will shortly be launching beta for hosting and domain name providers. Sell cPanel hosting, domain names, SSL certificates and more just by entering your provider credentials.