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Automate your ordering process

Upmind provides a curated, customisable shopping experience for your clients. A beautiful product catalog, a configurable order process, powerful marketing tools, as well as quick integration with third-party analytics and tracking tools like Google Analytics.

Upmind supports both one-time and recurring purchases (subscriptions), and includes advanced handling of promotions, billing cycle choices and repeat payment methods in a straightforward easy-to-use manner.

An instant online store

Upmind instantly generates you an online store that shows the products and services and allows them to be purchased online.

Your clients can browse your store via category or you can send them direct links to order or configuration pages.

An instant online storeAn instant online store
Optimised checkouts

We work with industry experts to optimise and simplify checkout flows in order to maximise your conversions.

Industry specific features

Our store dynamically works for different industries. For example domain names include availability checkers.

Easy configuration

Configuration is as easy as tweaking settings in the Upmind settings area. No technical experience required.



Generate discount codes and vouchers. Promotions can have specific criteria, limitations, or have different discounts based on product, currency or billing cycle. They are extremely configurable.

You can also set promotions to auto-apply, and work in combination with others.

Custom pricelists and availability

Your clients can have custom price lists. These can change the display of what they see in their store, or remove products entirely. For instance, you may only want to allow Service X to be purchased by those in your 'VIP Customers' list.

Custom pricelists and availabilityCustom pricelists and availability
Embeddable WidgetsEmbeddable Widgets

Embeddable Widgets

Embed widgets on your frontend site (for example WordPress) such as product cards or domain checkers. They will automatically fetch the right prices from Upmind and redirect the user to your cart if they click.

Multicurrency Support

Clients can purchase in any currency. Prices can be set per currency, or Upmind can automatically convert based on the current exchange rate.

Multicurrency SupportMulticurrency Support
Share configuration linksShare configuration links

Share configuration links

Direct link to products, and include variables such as discount codes or custom fields in the link.

You can also view in-progress and abandoned baskets.

And more...

Guest checkouts

Selling something that doesn't require a login? Guest checkouts allow clients to place a one-time order without creating an account.


Prompt for a cross sell once an item is added to a basket. You can configure product recommendations on a per-product basis.

Basket takeover

Staff can view and edit a basket in progress from a client, for example to apply further discounts to modify product settings.

Pay later

You can allow clients can order services and come back to pay another time.

Staff ordering

Staff can place orders for clients just as easily; either by impersonating the client or with more options through the admin area.

Fraud scanning

Inbuilt Fraudmind™ fraud scanning scans each order for the likelihood of fraud and allows you to configure the fraud score at which you want to review or block the order.

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