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Customer service made efficient and secure

Upmind integrates customer support into all other parts of your business management. We try and make it extremely easy for support staff to get as much information, and to access functionality, as efficiently as possible.

Your service desk is not a silo. Service tickets are directly linked to products in a way that dramatically improves the user experience both for clients and staff.

Beautiful ticketing system

Much more than just a shared inbox. Track service desk tickets and their status. Categorise them by department or priority.

Match tickets to client profiles or even products; tickets owned by non-clients are assigned to leads and can be converted or merged into clients later.

Beautiful ticketing systemBeautiful ticketing system
Staff assignmentStaff assignment

Staff assignment

Assign tickets to specific staff members, and allow others to 'watch' the ticket in order to track replies. Perfect for situations where level 1 support may escalate a ticket.

Pipe-in Emails

Pipe in emails from external sources to set up automatic shared email inbox features.

Track leads

If a ticket comes in from a non-client, they are stored and categorised as a lead and can be merged into a client later

Private notes

Store private notes against support tickets to correspond between staff agents.

Deep client integration

Your service desk should not be a silo. Tickets can be linked to products too, so you can see at a glance all tickets that relate to a specific service.

Deep client integrationDeep client integration
Ticket delegates

Clients can add their colleagues to a ticket to start a group conversation.

Client ticket view

The client also gets a beautiful support ticket view, and the ability to view and browse previous interactions.

Attachment scanning

We scan attachments for viruses to ensure files are safe to be downloaded by staff.