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50+ integrations and counting

Extend and Integrate Upmind in to your existing workflow and systems using our comprehensive API or first party integrations. Over 50 first-party integrations ready to go, with more added frequently.

Integratons include third party providers, payment gateways, workflow tools and more. Join our community to put recommendations forward for what we should tackle next.

API First

As an API First application, every staff and client action can be handled programatically via our comprehensive API. You can develop your own applications that make use of the Upmind logic and foundations.

Our API documentation will be released shortly after the beta launch. We have well over 1000 API endpoints, all documented and tested.

API FirstAPI First
Triggers & ActionsTriggers & Actions

Triggers & Actions

Hundreds of available triggers on specific events that allow you to call actions such as webhooks, or send notifications via email or Slack.

Triggers can also be tied to specific products: for example if Product XYZ goes overdue or is activated, you can cue an action that occurs once this happens.

Embeddable Widgets

Embed widgets such as domain checkers and pricing cards into your website with one single line of code.

This feature will develop in future to allow you to embed entire shopping carts and client areas within external websites.

Embeddable WidgetsEmbeddable Widgets


Auto-provision and manage external products and services such as Web Hosting servers, Domain Name providers and SAAS products.

Coming Soon: Write and integrate your own provisioning modules to integrate with custom or proprietary services.

Payment Gateways

Support for the most popular global payment gateways including Stripe and PayPal. We will keep on adding gateways based on demand.

Payment GatewaysPayment Gateways

From the docs

Browse our docs to find articles and guides on integrating various tools and providers.