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Beautifully powerful product management

Manage unlimited products and categories in a straightforward, robust interface. Upmind supports one-time purchases as well as recurring subscriptions.

All of your products and services in one system, with price lists, vouchers, promotions and online ordering. Upmind support all types of products & services, both offline and online.

Unlimited products, services and bundles

Scale and configure your catalog effortlessly. Tier product categories, and create product bundles. Toggle whether products should be able to be ordered by clients, and what options are available to add on.

Unlimited **products**, **services** and **bundles**Unlimited **products**, **services** and **bundles**
Extend products with **configurable options**Extend products with **configurable options**

Extend products with configurable options

Set product options which can impact or override the product price, allowing clients or staff to build up advanced product configurations.

Link and provision external systems

Tie your products to external systems you can provision and manage automatically. We have 20+ integrations already and growing fast. Have a provider we do not support: get in touch.

Link and provision **external systems**Link and provision **external systems**
Flexible billingFlexible billing

Flexible billing

Support for both one-time and recurring subscription billing. Create billing cycles as multiples of months, and then set desired prices in each currency you wish to offer.

Ties into your online store

Product configuration is directly reflected in your live branded online store. Clients can directly order and configure your services based on the settings and availability you set.

Ties into your **online store**Ties into your **online store**

And more...


Create promotional codes that apply to all, some, or individual products. Offer one-time and recurring discounts.


Set prices in different currencies, or let prices be auto-converted between currencies.

Price lists

Create custom price lists for groups of clients. Set different prices or even product availability.

Money-back periods

Specify recommended money-back periods at which point clients can receive a full refund on immediate cancellation.

Product notifications

Send emails and Slack alerts on product changes such as activation or cancellation. Useful for welcome emails and suspension notices.


Recommend linked items when a client puts a specific product or service into their cart.

Custom dunning timelines

Set the timeframe at which overdue services should be suspended, cancelled, or closed off.

Lock billing to cycle

Opt to tie billing for a specific product to a set number of months, or alternatively to allow pro-rata extensions.

Affiliate Options

Pay commission to affiliates when you receive a new order to referral. Specify commission criteria and amounts.

Upgrade paths

Allow clients to upgrade and downgrade their products and services to others you specify.

Do you sell **web hosting** or **domain names**?Do you sell **web hosting** or **domain names**?

Do you sell web hosting or domain names?

See how we set up Upmind to be a perfect solution for web hosting, server and domain name providers.