Why Upmind has a Free Tier


· 07th May 2022·About Upmind

Upmind is freemium. That means that for most small businesses, Upmind will always be free. We have created a free tier that gives access to all of our features, but with a limit on clients. The free tier includes:

  • Up to 50 clients. This is clients with active services that month, as opposed to active clients over all time. So it might equate to 50 clients with subscriptions, or if you sell a one-time service, 50 sales in a month.
  • Up to 50 paid invoices per month. Unpaid invoices do not count.
  • Up to 2 payment methods.
  • Up to 2 provisioning configurations. For web hosts this may be a WHM/cPanel and a domain provider for instance.
  • A single brand
  • A single staff user.

There are five reasons we have done this:

  1. We need scale and brand awareness. We want to be the first name not just in web hosting billing but for service based billing in general. We’ve built a product that we think deserves to have millions of businesses using it.
  2. We are privately owned and don’t have access to millions of pounds of marketing spend, so we need to grow via word of mouth and by being an awesome product.
  3. We want businesses that use us to be successful. If someone starts with us on the free tier, we want them to be able to give their own clients the best possible experience and for their business to grow. We will only make money if that business grows to 50+ clients. This is the reason we have not limited other features (e.g. an affiliate system, promotions) on our free tier - because we want you to have the best experience.
  4. We do not want Upmind users to feel rushed to switch to us. Moving client management and billing is big undertaking and you need to trust our application. For larger businesses moving over, the free tier means that you have as much time as you need to get things ready on your end before switching.
  5. In other industries we are targeting (apart from hosting) there are free products we want people to switch to us from. For instance, once we have embeddable widgets, we will be a completely viable alternative to WooCommerce or ContactForm7.

The only other things we have disabled on the free tier are:

  • Bulk mailing. E.g. Sending newsletters to all clients. This is basically to prevent abuse.
  • API access. Advanced users who integrate direclty with our APIs will need a paid tier. Integration with guest API tokens (for instance to embed plan cards, domain checkers) is fine on the free tier.

Moving between tiers is automatic. If your usage goes above the free tier, we’ll simply move you to the paid tier on next renewal. If your usage falls below the paid tier, we will drop to you the free tier.

Seb de Lemos