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  1. It will be extremely helpful to companies if have option to manage basic accounting in upmind, and Please consider adding support for recurring expenses, vendors, and expense categories to the Transactions feature. Only these very basic additions would go very far toward allowing the minimal accounting features needed for many companies, and would likely be helpful for add-on integrations with accounting software as well. It would also be helpful to have various normal reports for expenses, such as total expenses and expenses by category, and if possible, projected net income that could anticipate income in future months based on recurring expenses. Also adding the ability to attach a receipt image to expenses would be amazing. So we can easily manage company financial reports from a single dashboard.
  2. It will be great if have option to see users Online feature like the WHMCS in admin dashboard.
  3. Affiliate Email Notification for clients 1 - Affiliate welcome email 2 - Monthly affiliate account summary email. Total clicks, total sales, earnings etc information. 3 - for every successful referral get email notification.
  4. It will be great if have option to add support Hours. Clients can see support Hours when opening support tickets. Also if opening support tickets in non working hours clients will see a warning message about support are closed now.
  5. It will be great if have option to create custom coupon for clients from client area. Admin - Admin can set how much max discount percentage coupon client can create and how much coupon max a Clint can create. Client - Client can create there own coupon from client area. Auto generated coupon code or custom text coupon and clients can set how much discount percentage. If Admin set Max percentage discount is 20% then client can create coupon for max 20% or under 20% from client area. This feature will be helpful because some affiliate clients will ask to create a custom coupon for them. So if client area have a option to create custom coupon then it will save lot of manualy works.
  6. It will be great if have Support Pin feature in Upmind. a little digit pin that a client has to give to a support operator to confirm they're the real account holder. When asking support through live chat. The pin should refresh every hour or day. The admin can search the pin in the Admin panel to locate the customers account. Customers can generate support PINs from client area.
  7. It will be great if have a option to add Countdown Timer in checkout page. Countdown Timer motivates a customer to make a purchase, quickly.
  8. I have seen this great feature on DelightChat. A option to Create follow up reminders for support ticket. Many customers request follow ups needed depending on the product or service that offer. It’s hard to keep track of these requests using a calendar or to-do list apps. The easier way is to have the reminders set up within the helpdesk software. When the time is triggered, the support agents will automatically receive a notification on their notifications panel or reserve a email notifnotification.
  9. Currently it's not possible. Clients have to mannuly reset there control panel password from client area.
  10. U can easily setup hosting welcome mail from product notification settings. https://docs.upmind.com/docs/how-to-create-hosting-welcome-emails
  11. it will be good if have Ticket SLA feature.
  12. I have seen this great feature on DelightChat. Auto reply to common support queries such as how to install SSL certificate, how to cancle hosting, etc, Setup autoresponders for new tickets based on the keywords and certain conditions on support ticket. It will be great if Upmind have this feature. It will save lot of time.
  13. https://www.nttdatapay.com/ https://www.nttdatapay.com/developer-guide
  14. The Page load normally without preloader animation. 😃
  15. its just for extra security, most of software admin login url is /admin. so its easy for hackers. example - if admin email account is hacked and hacker visit /admin rest admin password using forget password. and login (if using 2fa not possible ) most of software provide a option to change the admin URL.
  16. It will be great if have option like this for affiliate system. For every successful referral will get free hosting for a month or any x product free for a month.
  17. It will be great if have option to to add Auto Responder Based On Working Hours For support ticket confirmation email. Example - Support Ticket opened on working hours - This is just a quick note to let you know we've received your message, and will respond as soon as we can. Support ticket opened on non working hours - Thank you for getting in touch. We’re working on your request. We will get back to you on working hours 10 Am to 5 Pm.
  18. It will be great if we can see customer has seen support ticket reply or not.
  19. Total tickets opened. Tickets By Priority Tickets By Product Closed Tickets Per Admin Average Response Time Per Admin Average 1st Response Time Per Admin Comments On Course Of Ticket Solving Ratings Of Support Ticket Ticket Response Rating Tickets In Hours Top Agent's list
  20. In order to better track, and manage support tickets. It will be great if have option to add add tags to support ticket so I can better identify common issues, track tickets easily. Also it will be great automatically tags ticket based on keywords in ticket. Example - in ticket have website down, website not working keyword. Then automatically add tag Urgent or website Down.
  21. It will be great if have Invite clients feature. clients invite there friend and family to join our hosting company. So when invite client is clicked, a box will pop up, to enter the clients email address of friend or family which will then automatically send the client an email with a affiliate link inviting them to join the hosting company.
  22. When loading Upmind first time on a browser there is a preloader animation. So it will be great if have option to disable it.
  23. https://payu.in/ https://devguide.payu.in/ @Seb Please try make India payment gateway fast as possible i am waiting for more than one momth. After India payment gateway integration with Upmind i have to start my web hosting company.
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