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  1. Cashback promotions are a great way to encourage customers to purchase more products and services from our business. With cashback promotions, can offer customers a percentage or fixed amount of money back on their purchase, which can be automatically added to their account credit after their invoice is paid. This is a unique and effective way to engage customers and give them a reason to come back and make future purchases. Here are the features that are needed to create and manage cashback promotions: The ability to create unlimited cashback offers for products, addons, and domains. The ability to define offers based on a percentage or fixed amount. The ability to support multiple rules for a single set of products. The ability to prevent offers from being applied when a promotion code is used. The ability to define a delay in adding money to the client's credit balance (refund period). The ability to include or exclude tax when calculating cashback. The ability to restrict a rule to apply only to new orders or renewal invoices. The ability to view cashback reports using the logs section.
  2. @SebPlease give any updates about India payment gateway.
  3. Connect reseller has launched SSL certificate https://www.connectreseller.com/ssl-certificate/ Add support for connect reseller SSL Certificate buying and manage through upmind.
  4. If Clients have multiple invoices clients can pay all invoices by single payment by combining all invoices. instead of paying each invoices differently.
  5. @SebPlease give any updates about India payment gateway integration. after the integration I need to start the hosting business with upmind. Please give any update.
  6. Allow Pacific location or Pacific IP address to login into admin account. Example if a company set the rule only from India location or Pacific IP address can login into upmind admin dashboard.
  7. I discovered a noteworthy security feature on Discord which requires email verification when a user logs in from a new location, such as a different city or country. After entering their login credentials and clicking "submit," if the login attempt is from an unfamiliar location, the user will be prompted to verify their location via email verification link. This feature significantly enhances account security by preventing unauthorized access in the event of a hack or data breach.
  8. @Seb Any updates ? Waiting for more than 1 year 😭
  9. This feature usage based billing already added in upmind roadmap. https://upmind.com/public-roadmap
  10. @Seb instead of creating robots.txt, this issue can easily fixed by adding no Index Tag in header of every page by default. I think it's can easily added. Please add this feature. It's a must feature. Otherwise all upmind pages will be indexed and it's do not looks good i think. @SebPlease consider adding this feature.
  11. I think we can add these things to invoice by editing invoice and with Client custom fields. But it's will be great if have upmind have these features by default. Example option to upload signature. Option to enter tax number etc by default. https://docs.upmind.com/docs/how-to-add-client-custom-fields https://docs.upmind.com/docs/how-to-edit-an-invoice-pdf-template
  12. To reduce frauds orders for free trial. After free trail order is placed clients will be have to make a small payment like inr 10 rs or usd .25 $ after payment is successful instantly will be refunded. So it's will reduce frauds on free trail. Only good customer will make the payment. Frauds clients mostly will not make the payment.
  13. Add marketing banners widget in upmind widget ecosystem. If we can showcase latest promotion and offers.
  14. These features needed for pricing plans Widget. 1 - Monthly and yearly pricing switch button. 2 - pricing will be automatically change based on countries. Example i have enabled inr and usd currency. If a customer visit from India then inr currency will show and if customer visit from outside India usd currency will show. Upmind can automatically find customer country using ip address.
  15. Support ticket open form embedded widget.
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