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  1. @Seb Right now it's possible clients can enter custom information when ordering a product. Example if I am selling WordPress care services. So i needed cpanel and WordPress login details and few other details from clients. So after order placed or when order placing time clients can enter the all required details. Like the screenshot. I have seen the smiler feature on fixed.net. so for upmind currently this feature available? It will be also great clients have option to upload the documents and files etc.
  2. For Razorpay payment gateway instead of payment pages please add Razorpay Flash Checkout feature. When pay now button clicks Razorpay Flash Checkout widget will popup. So No redirects needed. If have this feature customer's will get good user experience. https://razorpay.com/flashcheckout/
  3. Good. Add in progress and completed features list also.
  4. Ok, @Sebplease try to add Bulk Extension Import feature and TLD & Pricing Sync support feature fast as possible. This is most wanted feature for domain reselling.
  5. @SebPlease make public roadmap as soon as possible.
  6. Auto Draft Support Ticket Reply.
  7. Oh, i seen many extra features on fixed.net social media login, customer reviews on login page, ordering process etc please add all those features in upmind.
  8. @Sebfixed.net is using upmind ? https://my.fixed.net
  9. It will be extremely helpful to companies if have option to manage basic accounting in upmind, and Please consider adding support for recurring expenses, vendors, and expense categories to the Transactions feature. Only these very basic additions would go very far toward allowing the minimal accounting features needed for many companies, and would likely be helpful for add-on integrations with accounting software as well. It would also be helpful to have various normal reports for expenses, such as total expenses and expenses by category, and if possible, projected net income that could anticipate income in future months based on recurring expenses. Also adding the ability to attach a receipt image to expenses would be amazing. So we can easily manage company financial reports from a single dashboard.
  10. It will be great if have option to see users Online feature like the WHMCS in admin dashboard.
  11. Affiliate Email Notification for clients 1 - Affiliate welcome email 2 - Monthly affiliate account summary email. Total clicks, total sales, earnings etc information. 3 - for every successful referral get email notification.
  12. It will be great if have option to add support Hours. Clients can see support Hours when opening support tickets. Also if opening support tickets in non working hours clients will see a warning message about support are closed now.
  13. It will be great if have option to create custom coupon for clients from client area. Admin - Admin can set how much max discount percentage coupon client can create and how much coupon max a Clint can create. Client - Client can create there own coupon from client area. Auto generated coupon code or custom text coupon and clients can set how much discount percentage. If Admin set Max percentage discount is 20% then client can create coupon for max 20% or under 20% from client area. This feature will be helpful because some affiliate clients will ask to create a custom coupon for them. So if client area have a option to create custom coupon then it will save lot of manualy works.
  14. It will be great if have Support Pin feature in Upmind. a little digit pin that a client has to give to a support operator to confirm they're the real account holder. When asking support through live chat. The pin should refresh every hour or day. The admin can search the pin in the Admin panel to locate the customers account. Customers can generate support PINs from client area.
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