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  1. add mention feature in support ticket @mention by tagging agent name.
  2. It will be great if have option to add support hours for each department.
  3. Emoji Picker option in support ticket.
  4. Add a single option to disable affiliate for domain name sales. Right now have to mannuly disable for each TLD which takes time.
  5. For domain Promotion add a option to select promotion for register New domain name or Transfer domain name.
  6. Also have a option to add reason why the order marked as fraud.
  7. It will be great if have FraudMind fraud Database. Example - if a Clint placed order and FraudMind approved the order and after few days found that clint is spammer so hosting company reported that clint has a fraud and that clint information is saved with FraudMind fraud Database. The same Clint placed order on different company and Upmind checked the information with FraudMind fraud Database and marked order has fraud automatically. Also daily all customers data will be checked against FraudMind fraud Database. It will alert admins if any clients reported as fraud from other hosting company's. Also same for support ticket too. If hosting company reported a ticket as spam then save the mail address to FraudMind fraud Database. And if new ticket opened from reported mail address it will be automatically blocked or marked ticket as spam.
  8. Ok. tags will be automatically applied to clients based on certain conditions ?
  9. Forwarders working fine 😀. The benefit which I found on POP3/imap after mails imported mails will be automatically deleted from mail server. so no need to mannuly delete mails from inbox.
  10. Add a way to blacklist certain words for domain name, so that domains containing them cannot be transferred or registered and not able to create hosting account. Example - facebook, Google, Twitter, hack, Paypal etc. Spammers buy domains and hosting like this loginintopaypal.tld for phishing. This will help to reduce abuse and phishing.
  11. Automatically send up to personalized emails to remind customers about the contents of their cart. This helps turn abandoned carts into sales.Also, you can now propose discounts directly via the email in order to remind your clients to finalize their pun automatic email is sent to customers each time they add products to their shopping cart but do not purchase. It reminds and encourages them to complete the order. It’s beneficial and easy to use.emails to remind customers about the contents of their cart. This helps turn abandoned carts into sales.
  12. Most of support ticket software have social media Integration. So it will be great if Upmind also have social media Integration. Example if anyone sent message in social media then automatically open support ticket. 1 facebook 2 Twitter 3 instagram 4 Google Business 5 WhatsApp Business
  13. It will be great if have Help Widget which can embedded on website and it will open support ticket.
  14. It will be great if have Google Translate integration for support ticket. If any ticket open with other language it will be automatically Translate English language.
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