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  1. Hi. I recently noticed that the Namesilo integration only manages to set the Registrant information leaving the Billing, Technical, and Administrative information set to the default Namesilo's account settings. Please consider adding the support for this types of contacts. Regards.
  2. Hi. It would be great if you could add the option to order canceled invoices and canceled/lapsed products &services by cancelation/lapse date in the admin area: /admin/billing/invoices/list/cancelled /admin/products/list/cancelled /admin/products/list/lapsed Right now is very hard to find newly canceled or lapsed items. Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, I was reviewing the new pricing structure and I have a few doubts: Active clients: is this the number of actual clients or the number of active services? If it's the former, can we disable clients to lower count? Catalogue products: do inactive products count? There are some cases where a product is no longer being sold but it cannot be deleted because it was already used. Brands: if you have multiple brands, will the limits be applied per brand or to the total number of brands? (example the starter plan has 500 monthly invoices, would it be considered as 500 invoices for each brand totaling 1000 or just 500 for both of them?). Thanks.
  4. I will +1 this. I also need this to be able to mass sell tol Spanish speaking audiences.
  5. I'm also exited about this. There are many features I'm patiently waiting. That new provisioning system mentioned in the email sounds awesome.
  6. Yes, you would also need to create a product for each of your cpanel packages and customers would need to buy those. The cpanel account would then be auto provisioned. After that they would be able to auto login. It's a similar process as WHMCS or other billing platforms in this regard.
  7. Is this from the customer's point of view? I don't think customers can pay using offline methods. They would only display information such as bank accounts or other information on how to pay. Only admins can register an offline payment. Go to the invoice, select Pay Now and select "Enter manual / offline payment (staff only)"
  8. I don't think there's a way to import WHM accounts automatically. You WHMCS info to Upmind, but I don't know if it includes WHM data.
  9. You need to create the customer in Upmind and then use the "Add quick order" in the top right. Then you select the customer, the product and select "add existing service" After that you need to go to the added service, to the Manage tab and add the provisioning configuration for that service.
  10. There's no need to reroute to point it to Upmind. You just need to add it on order for the system to trust it. If you're using www, add it too.
  11. Please consider this is my own experience on the issue. The customer will receive notification of the change; however, the invoice number will remain unchanged. Only the updated information, such as customer address and name, will be modified. If you prefer to prevent the customer from receiving an email, you can temporarily disable all email notifications for that customer before regenerating the invoice.
  12. You can regenerate the invoice after the fact using this option:
  13. This is actually something I would use. To have for example (in Upmind): Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Refund Policy and all in one place. Right now the only solution would be to link that to your website, to a page that shows all of them. +1 to your request.
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