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  1. Option 1 - go to the service in your panel and then to the manage tab inside that service. - you have a few actions there and there’s a “create account” button. Use that to create the service in cPanel. Option 2 - create the account manually in cPanel - go to the same place in the upmind’s panel - use the “get info” button. Enter the account name and it will sync with your panel.
  2. Well, there were 2 radio buttons there allowing you to select default or custom, but they're missing. Maybe a bug?
  3. Hi. 1/2 You could try to set some wrong details in the smtp configuration so the system can’t send any emails until you correct them (in /settings/notification_channels). I don't know if there's a general setting to block sending emails. On the other hand, there’s a checkbox on each client’s general settings that can be checked to avoid sending email notifications to that specific client. 3 In this section, /settings/invoice-template, you can edit the invoice template (it's not read only in my panel). You also have the translation options below, so you can set a different template for each language. There used to be an option to use the default template or a custom one, but now it's missing. Maybe someone on the team can help us with this. @Seb
  4. Hi. I have requested access to the localazy translation system to try to maintain Spanish up to date. I see that Dutch is missing many of the translations. I can help you edit the missing phrases you find so they can be updated on the next UI release. Please let me know and I'll send you the phrases regarding this specific case so you can tell me the translations (I don't speak the language).
  5. Hi. I'd just wanted to know how far this quick invoice feature is, since I didn't see it in the roadmap. It would be a very useful feature for me, since I usually bill manual services for services (with custom pricing -doable know- and custom item names -not doable-). I also wanted to request if it's possible to add a way to set invoice's due date to a later date on order creation (only from the admin area). Right now, I need to create the order and then go and change the due date manually. It would be a huge time saver. Thanks.
  6. Hi. I noticed that when you have a product using some blueprints: (ex. Domain Name or Web Hosting), invoices include the service label on the item name, making it easier to track. I have a few products with manual provisioning type that have labels (example, the domain name) but those labels don't appear on the invoice itself. Would it be possible to include the service label on the invoice product item? It would make much easier to track invoices and services. I'm attaching an example.
  7. No issues from my part. Just wanted to confirm. Thanks.
  8. I'm talking about the "XFY-440" and "XCC-686" parts, that I didn't add as a prefix in the settings. The only prefix I have is "TICKET-"
  9. Hi I noticed that some tickets are getting strange formatting. Is this a new feature? I’m attaching an example
  10. Hi @Seb Is this something planed for the future? Name server determined by contracted registrar and/or hosting service? Thanks.
  11. Hi Seb I noticed that cpanel integration is still suspending accounts instead of terminate them. Was this change deployed or is it an option into the current integration?
  12. Also, maybe notify them via email when their prices get updated. Or get a list of all modified contracts in order to notify them manually.
  13. It would be great to have a way to filter clients with old contract prices and bulk update them to the new prices (in case there's need to do that). In the admin's UI, I mean.
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