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  2. Yeah sure. We will offer you 2 months free if you take yearly plan. Which mean you need to make payment only price of 10 months. I hope it's help's
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  4. I definitely agree there are too many paypal options. That being said - we just put stripe into the websites for card payments alongside paypal and EVERY transaction has gone through it - noone using paypal any more. I kind of understand it - one of our suppliers insists on using paypal which automatically charges my card. This is exceptionally annoying when I have a credit balance with them, yet they still charge my card. Trust in Paypal is becoming less maybe?? A little off topic, apologies.
  5. Currently, Upmind provides 6 options to configure PayPal, from Express to Billing Agreements and Pro. While having options is generally good, this is a little confusing. And also, if you don't have reference transactions enabled, you need to setup: - PayPal Express: for one time payments. - PayPal Subscriptions: for recurring payments. And it's up to the customer to select te correct one and if they select Subscriptions for a one time payment, Upmind throws an error saying there are no subscriptions in the order. REQUESTS: (1) Is it possible to optimize/unify some of the PayPal options? Maybe give the system some intelligence to detect when to use Express vs Subscription agreements and not leave it up to the client, or some solution in that direction. (2) There's a WordPress plugin called SureCart, which is a WooCommerce competitor. They have implemented a solution for when a merchant doesn't have Reference Transactions enabled, since it's a very hard thing to get enabled. It's called CIB (client-initiated billing) and they say PayPal approved them for the ability to be an intermediary between the merchant and the client and their branding shows up when checking out instead of the customer's. Is there a way Upmind can do something like that for us? Since it's almost imposible to get Reference Transactions enabled for small enterprises and having this will help unify PayPal gateways (I believe billing agreements allow for subscriptions and for one time payments at the same time). I'm leaving some references of what I'm talking about: https://surecart.com/docs/paypal-and-subscriptions/ Also please see the attached image, which is their announcement post. Thanks!
  6. Yeah don’t think it does and I don’t want to create a dns template to fudge something. Will just use set name for now. Still interested in email templates if anyone wanted to share!!
  7. Hi psybox, Could you kindly create a ticket for the issue you're encountering with the API ResellerClub? This will enable us to resolve the matter quickly. Thank you for your cooperation : )
  8. Constantly getting errors trying to register a domain - I gave it overnight in case there was somethign mysterious going on, and clicked on register (retyped the phone number first). It came back with a could not find domain error!! 5 minutes later I then tried the same again and got the provider API error πŸ˜•
  9. Hi there, Thank you for selecting Upmind as your choice. We are currently committed to constantly optimizing our application. Our billing terms are monthly, quarterly, and annually customizable, but only on a monthly basis. We are aware of this request and still on our roadmap. We hope to have it available soon and will keep you posted on our community forum. Thanks
  10. Hi psybox, Thank you for reporting this issue. We kindly request you raise a ticket regarding the problem you encountered with the manual resend function for the New Hosting Account Information email. This will help us address it promptly. Thank you = )
  11. We'll add this request to our github -- the issue I can see is what we test against. There's isn't a test command as such and we don't want to do something like registering a domain. We'll review
  12. I don't think enhance has a /enhance as yet -- but you would just use the server hostname
  13. I'm just using te main panel's domain as hosting panel. Now that you've said it, it would be nice to have a redirection from the client's domain to the main panel. Maybe /panel or something. If you create that feature request with Enhance, I'll +1 it.
  14. +1 for this request. Registrar and hosting providers.
  15. Hi folks been trying to test as a client registering a domain using Resellerclub. Couple issues that I created ticket about (minor). My last issue is that it is still failing on connection. Could we get a test connection button against each registrar to test instead of having to send an order in live to see if it works?
  16. I’m not in a rush, will see what happens with the new pricing. Was just happy to pay smaller amount as a token to help in a small way. Our enhance cloud and integration has a few teething problems, so by the time I sort that, it will be January likely
  17. At this movement there is no special offers in upmind pricing. Upmind pricing is very simple. If you want to subscribe yearly please raise a ticket to upmind team. May be billing team can provide you little discount but i'm aware there is no offers for now.
  18. So we are hopeful to spin up and start selling our new cloud, based on enhance control panel - having a few teething issues but almost at the point of getting volunteers to test! In our normal welcome emails we say that you can use our server domain name until your domain has propagated, then you can use yourdomain.com/cpanel . However, with enhance, there is no /cpanel ! Is anyone creating a custom dns record to allow clients to login using their own domain name? Or are you just using "server name" which is the control panel server?? If anyone wants to share their welcome email templates I would be delighted to steal some πŸ˜‰
  19. when I manually send a message and select the New Hosting Account ifnromation one - it sends the below text to the client. The original automated email sends correctly, just not when I choose to resend?? Thank you for purchasing Below is the information needed to make your domain name live: Provision configuration email Array Provision Field Values Array
  20. Good Afternoon/Evening, My company is looking to move away from whmcs, which we have used since 2007. While most of our staff is not happy about letting someone else in the "cloud" that we have no control over, do the hosting, I have mostly convinced them to give it a try. Although we would love a backup system where we can keep all our data saved nightly. We have 10k+ clients. The biggest problem we have with just about every billing platform that exist today is they fail to provide support for two very important features. 1) Ability to do billing in days, 7 day, 30 days, etc. There are plenty of SAAS/PAAS/IAAS that bill on weekly, 168 hour terms (7 days) and then 30 day terms. Another large Product As A Service is cellular airtime / data, which is almost on a 30 day term. 30 days is not the same as monthly. So, does upmind have any plans to offer daily period of billing, which would open them to many more product service industries? 2) Shipping. Our main product offering requires hardware to be shipped at beginning of the order, and then 30 day billing. It looks like 2 years ago upmind said they were working on shipping, but I see no evidence this has ever been done. May service providers need to send a physical product.. why is it that none of the industry billing systems seem to understand this? Can you give me an update on these two items, or if we could pay to make them a realty. I really would like to move to something better than whmcs, but there seems to be the same problems that have plagued other platforms are also overlooked by upmind. I wish we could stop copying what is already out there, and fill in the gaps that people have asked for, for years.
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  22. Hi Ebrahim, Essentially we have Persian available on Localazy, we haven't yet integrated it with Upmind as it's still under development. When it's finished and properly translated, we can import Persian into Upmind. Additionally, if you are interested in contributing to Persian translation, please send me a private message with your detailed email address, and I will grant you access. Thanks πŸ™‚
  23. Hi @Machiel92, We've launched Dutch in Upmind, and hope it helps you. Thanks πŸ™‚
  24. Hi there, While we may not have specific information on local payment providers in Malaysia, we recommend using globally recognized and trusted options such as Bank Transfer, PayPal, or Stripe, which offer secure and widely used payment solutions. Maybe you can try that. But in December, we're going to work on the open sourcing-of payment gateways. This means that anyone can create different payment gateways, and it'll help us add new payment options faster. Hope it helps! Thanks : )
  25. Hi there, Thank you for your suggestion and request. Just an update in December, our focus will be on open-sourcing the payment gateway. This will allow anyone to build any payment gateway and for us to add new payment gateways quickly. Thanks : )
  26. Hi there, I truly appreciate your commitment to participate in Localazy as an Upmind Contributor. Please send me a PM for your detailed email address and I'll provide you access. Thanks πŸ™‚
  27. Hi Hakan I truly appreciate your commitment to participate in Localazy as an Upmind Contributor. I can actually invite you directly using the email address on your profile, but please send me a private message if you'd prefer to use a different email address and I'll provide you access.
  28. Hi there, An update for December, we're going to work on open-sourcing the payment gateway. This means that anyone can create different payment gateways, and it'll help us add new payment options faster. Thanks : )
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