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  2. 0.59.4 (23/09/2022) - FIX: Issue where only one filter of type date could be used 0.59.5 (30/09/2022) - NEW: Only localise FE app if language is supported by brand - FIX: Unhandled error during related products call - FIX: Broken cProd provisioning route - FIX: Hide cProd activation link from client side - FIX: `undefined` cancel URL during payment - INTERNAL: Sync localazy translations 0.59.6 (30/09/2022) - FIX: Use `total_amount_converted` as base when overriding basket price
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  4. Please raise a support ticket in your Upmind admin with us, and allow remote access, and we can take a look
  5. i copied your given script and i paste in my website see in the attachment after that i checked on my website and search any name but still no check availability working.
  6. You don't need to verify the domain - please see my previous response The guide at https://docs.upmind.com/docs/how-to-add-a-domain-availability-checker-widget-to-your-website is very specific about the steps you need to take and what you need to change.
  7. Try this: <script src="https://widgets.upmind.app/dac/upm-dac.min.js"></script> <upm-dac order-config-url="https://7xqjnwdwuvcn.upmind.app/order/product" currency-code="USD"> </upm-dac>
  8. <script src="https://widgets.upmind.app/dac/upm-dac.min.js"></script> <upm-dac order-config-url="{https://7xqjnwdwuvcn.upmind.app}" currency-code="{USD}" ></upm-dac> See this i just pest like this
  9. I'm assuming nicsily.com is the site you want the put the widget on and so I checked the widget You haven't replaced the placeholders. See the screenshot: You need to replace those placeholders in { } See our guide at https://docs.upmind.com/docs/how-to-add-a-domain-availability-checker-widget-to-your-website
  10. Unable to fetch DNS records for nicsily.com i have added the DNS same as show me A records but now i face this
  11. Sounds like you either: - Haven't added the variables correctly in the currency or shop url placeholders. or - Haven't added the URL of your wordpress website under settings -> domains
  12. I have show this error on wordpress Oops, something went wrong! Our domain widget encountered a problem. If the issue persists, please get in touch.
  13. Here is a guide you can follow https://docs.upmind.com/docs/how-to-add-a-domain-availability-checker-widget-to-your-website You would need to set the block type as HTML
  14. I want to add Domain Name Checker Widgets to my website on WordPress
  15. @Seb - yes, I'll send you the Technical documentation and some other papers ASAP. Unfortunately, all the documentation is in Croatian language (pdfs can be google translated, but still) - therefore I've sent an email asking if there is any documentation in English. @Luis - indeed I was also looking for a way to generate "non-legal" invoices, send the invoice data to a third party system which will fiscalize the invoice. The problem is, there is no "nice" way to make those fiscalized invoices from the third party system available in Upmind (or any other web billing system) for a user to download (or to be available in their CP).
  16. Hello Team, We have a feature in WHMCS, where the client is billed according to the usage, i.e. disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, Addon Domains, etc. More details here: https://docs.whmcs.com/Usage_Billing It would be good to have this feature in Upmind as well!
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  18. Can you explain what you mean?
  19. is it just me or every time I or anyone I have asked opens the docu Error code: Out of Memory
  20. I was also looking for a way to archive this, since in my country they're implementing a digital invoicing platform soon to be rolled out to the general public (now only selected companies are participating). I was thinking on getting a list of all generated invoices every day, hour or so, and programmatically generate the legal local invoices in a third party system. But it would be nice if there's a way to do this in Upmind somehow, so we'll be able to manage everything in one place. There are some libraries available for anyone to use. I don't know if this would be something you would be interested on doing, but may I also send you a copy of the documentation? I believe people would be looking for a billing system once this is rolled out and mandatory and I am looking for something to offer to my clients.
  21. Looking at these rules: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiscalization - seems like Slovenia has something similiar also
  22. Things like this we would definitely consider core. We're building a global billing system and Croatia still has hundreds of thousands of businesses that need software! Generally I think fiscalization is a trend that's going to increase. There are similar requirements in other countries. Webhooks is something we have planned. As for the callback to then put something on an invoice, that should be relatively trivial for us once we have the webhooks added. Is there an API for the government system or something you can share with us (privately if confidential)?
  23. I know this kind of stuff will probably never be implemented by default (small potential client base, stupid tax requirement), but in Croatia every issued invoice where service/stuff is payed by cash or credit card needs to be put thought the process called fiscalization. What is fiscalization (more can be read hear in the layman's language https://www.expatincroatia.com/fiscalization/😞 Basically: a person pays for a service, invoice is generated, but not issued, data of the invoice are then sent to the tax office, confirmation is received back with the code, code is then written on the invoice, invoice is then issued and can be sent to the customer My question is, does Upmind supports this kind of process via webhooks or callbacks, where I can send some payload to a specified link and then receive back some information which I can then write on the invoice (like a custom field) before it is generated.
  24. Exactly this Syntax would be {% if invoice.current_data.content.client_address is not empty %} {% if invoice.current_data.content.client_address.country.code = 'FR' %} <p>French Address<br /> Line 1<br /> Line 2</p> {% else %} <p>Other Address<br /> Line 1<br /> Line 2</p> {% endif %} {% endif %}
  25. Exactly that is something I do in my free time too!
  26. Yes, this is it. I recently started migrating to Upmind. Manual invoice descriptions would be very handy, I do custom website development and sometimes quotes/services are different for each client.
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