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  2. Hi, Is there a setting to make the ticketing support system available on the client app so that a person could submit and ask pre sales questions using the ticketing system without going through the creation of an account? Thank you
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  4. Can we get Stripe integration with Link? Stripe is increasing fees a lot without it. How can I reduce card processing costs? We built Link, Stripe’s one-click checkout, to help you increase conversion and reduce card processing costs. Link auto-fills payment details across hundreds of thousands of websites. You can process card payments using Link starting at 1.2% + £0.20 per transaction.
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  6. Yes, This is a much needed feature. Kindly keep us updated, once this feature is live. Thanks.
  7. Any update on this @Seb and @Harry L? This can be implemented, and if done can be a game changer for Upmind.
  8. Hello @SebThis functionality looks good as of now. But we are facing some issues. 1. We set this feature from Product Billing > Product Trial. Now for given checklist (End of Trial Period) if we select : (a) Continue > Then, in this case I can see as dummy client in our shopping cart, instead of Add to Basket it's mentioned ' Try free for 7 days' > Then selecting the billing term > Add to Basket. here, we can that basket total amount is 0 even though we selected billing term as annual payment plan. Now, in this case let's say client opted for 7 days trial period, then what after that? Will he again has to pay for the Annual plan ? If yes/no then how? Pls specify. If we select Migrate option from (End of Trial Period) checklist, then also we are getting same issue. Regards.
  9. Hello @Seb I am also willing to remove the images. Has this been done? Thank you.
  10. Hi. I invoice many custom services in Upmind and I manually create the order and bump the due date afterwards to avoid immediate cancelation. Basically, I keep bumping the due date until the client pays (manually via ACH too). I'm having lots of issues with invoices and products beign automatically cancelled after X days (I believe due to the configuration) and it's a nice feature to have for automatically managed services, but not for manually managed ones. Would it be possible to add an option to avoid a specific product/service/invoice automatic cancelation? So when configured for certain products, they will never expire until manually resolved. Thanks.
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    So I’m having difficulty with handling disputes as Stripe require a exportable log now to prove a customer was using the product(in the case of SaaS and hosting etc), is there any way we could get a button that exports a customers activity including logins, etc as proof they were using the service, and a section that we can export their cancellation requests etc
  12. I would love if they add the full payment gateways for stripe, for example I am waiting for iDeal. From that moment I can finally use Upmind for my hosting solution! But i guess there is no ETA regarding stripe gateways
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  14. In the meantime these can of course be uploaded as a zip, which is probably better anyway since they can get quite big (upload limit is 25mb) and should in theory compress very well since theyre basically json
  15. Ah understood - we'll update the ALLOWED UPLOAD FILE TYPES setting at /admin/settings/security to support .har
  16. Customers often send HAR files as CDN tend to server requests differently, i.e. browser, device, location etc, makes it easier to pin down issues. When they try to upload them to a Support Ticket - the format isn't allowed.
  17. What do you need this for exactly?? You can generate one from your own browser network tab when using the Upmind app of course, but what diagnostic are you hoping to do which you require help with?
  18. You can use {{ client.first_name }} or {{ client.full_name }} for email templates where clients are the recipient
  19. First version of trials now live 🙂 You can configure it under your product catalogue - billing - trial periods.
  20. Hey how can I get client name when doing a bulk notif to all customers with an acti ve subscription?
  21. check the transfer ownership option under product > settings tab
  22. Hi. I need to push/move a subscription (hosting) + a domain service from one client to another. Is there a way to do it besides canceling in one client and adding it to the other? Regards.
  23. Further reading: What Is a HAR File? - KeyCDN Support
  24. .har HAR Analyzer (googleapps.com) is a export of the current web page data etc for diagnostics, a lot of people use it to debug webapps.
  25. We really need a way of verifying customers ASAP, I have had three disputes in the last 6 month period I couldn't prove they were legitimate customers to the customers bank. Their excuse has been "fraud" which if we had KYC wouldn't be a issue, I could provide proof!
  26. This is something we'll be rolling out in the future -- for now use a third party gateway like Stripe
  27. Can you explain more -- what is .har ?
  28. I think in general they are going to get much hotter on things like dispute rates, though we haven't heard anything specific But from our perspective, the more surity we can help you get on customers the better, so long as it doesn't cause them excess burden or reduce conversion rates.
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