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  2. We've deployed quite an advanced billing feature called Invoice Consolidation. This allows clients to receive invoices for multiple services in one go. Under Order Options you can set the default brand options, and then this can be overridden for each client by themselves (or an admin can do it for them). They can also exempt certain services from being consoldidated. You can consolidate invoices - every day (so all services due for an invoice to be raised on one day will be combined) - every week on a certain day - every month on a certain date - at the start of the month - at the end of the month
  3. Sorry for the delay here Pradeep. I can't see why this would happen. Assume it's not happening but please raise a ticket and enable remote access for us if it is i?
  4. I expect we'll have beta until the end of the year. We want to move to the phase where we're adding key features and on to the stage when we are simplifying usage. Being out of beta won't mean that specific provider integrations are all perfect though - our model is that the provider code is open source so in theory anyone can change them, even OpenProvider. The code is here: https://github.com/upmind-automation/provision-provider-domain-names/tree/main/src/OpenProvider
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  6. Hi, I was working with your system until a couple of months ago and I was very happy, but I had a lot of problems with your Openprovider integration. When do you plan to finalize the BETA and have a more reliable and stable version? WHMCS doesn't give me the problems with Open Provider but it gives me problems with everything else. I would like to come back but I don't want to go through these problems with clients again. Regards.
  7. Hello, If you want, I can translate Turkish language for you and correct the deficiencies in the current language pack. thanks
  8. Hi Andaga, We will add SolusV2 in future yes -- we have to focus on the ones that are used most at present. We are working on Virtualisor/Proxmox/OnApp etc The code is however open source - a third party is able to develop a SolusV2 module if they need one urgently and we can review and merge in https://github.com/upmind-automation/provision-provider-servers Thanks Seb
  9. I love using Upmind, but the issue is that Paypal, Stripe, etc. are not working in Iraq. So I would suggest Fast-Pay as an Iraqi payment gateway. Documentation: https://developer.fast-pay.iq/website-integration
  10. Hello, you have the solusvm v1 on your github. But we work with SolusVM2! Can you add this new module? The API is not the same. We need this module for moving to upmind. Regards. Andaga
  11. Hello, Datatrans.ch is almost the more important service payment gateway in switzerland for online shop! We need absolutly this for moving to upmind! Can you add it? Regards. Andaga
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  13. Cashback promotions are a great way to encourage customers to purchase more products and services from our business. With cashback promotions, can offer customers a percentage or fixed amount of money back on their purchase, which can be automatically added to their account credit after their invoice is paid. This is a unique and effective way to engage customers and give them a reason to come back and make future purchases. Here are the features that are needed to create and manage cashback promotions: The ability to create unlimited cashback offers for products, addons, and domains. The ability to define offers based on a percentage or fixed amount. The ability to support multiple rules for a single set of products. The ability to prevent offers from being applied when a promotion code is used. The ability to define a delay in adding money to the client's credit balance (refund period). The ability to include or exclude tax when calculating cashback. The ability to restrict a rule to apply only to new orders or renewal invoices. The ability to view cashback reports using the logs section.
  14. PayPal Legacy Subscriptions is also now supported for callbacks.
  15. Hi Seb, I see what you mean. I was doing some tests with the PayPal Billing Agreement gateway and it appears that it works just like PayPal Express when you don't have Reference Transactions enabled. So I will try to use it instead of the PayPal Express and work with PayPal to enable Reference Transactions in a not so distant future (it's not that easy).
  16. +1. I've never seen two Paypal payment options in a checkout. This will lead clients to hesitate which one to choose and will affect conversion.
  17. Hi Seb I only meant visual unification, in the UI. You'll still have to configure them separately, but you'll see them as one gateway with options. Maybe a toggle "subscribe -> on, off"
  18. Lots of these use different gateway credentials I'm afraid I.e. some are SOAP, some are REST, some taking the callbacks from IPN I think in most cases you would just use one though - probably either Express or Billing Agreements.
  19. Yes - this is done under settings -> invoices -> Hosting '0' invoices from clients I think we will make this the default behaviour
  20. I see there are many paypal payment gateways available now (Express, Subscriptions, Billing Agreement, PayPal Pro, REST) When setting up the payment methods, I had to create separate gateways for one time payment, and subscriptions. Both of the appear separately in the front end (in the checkout page): It would be a nice feature if we could have a single PayPal entry and after selecting it, have the ability to chose between the different configured paypal flavors. For example: 1. Credit Card (stripe) 2. PayPal: One Time Payment Subscriptions Thanks.
  21. 0.75.1 (12/05/2023) - FIX: Issue displaying nested categories within a sortable tree
  22. 0.73.1 (04/05/2023) - FIX: Re-instate pending status on invoice payments listing 0.74.0 (10/05/2023) - NEW: Show 'Sent email history' when managing an email template - NEW: Option to link contract product when adding manual payment detail - NEW: Add 'Load all' control for catalogue tree categories - FIX: Show time sent & time bounced on email log modal - FIX: Refresh provision field values when switching between cProd tabs - FIX: Remove default limit (10) when listing a client's billable entities - FIX: Remove block on deleting a selected billing entity - FIX: Adjust 'autocomplete' value across password fields - INTERNAL: Trust new `allow_manual_store` gateway flag - INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations 0.75.0 (11/05/2023) - NEW: reCaptcha tokens are now generated prior to form submission - NEW: Warning message when grecaptcha script is blocked by the client - FIX: Potential 401 refresh loop when exiting to a guest context - FIX: Preference sync across ticket inbox limit controls - INTERNAL: Complete refactor of Google reCAPTCHA implementation - INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations
  23. Can we hide migration invoices from customer?
  24. @SebPlease give any updates about India payment gateway.
  25. That's great to know @Harry L! Webhooks are coming soon right?
  26. @PradeepC We will be looking at PaaS integrations probably later this year. Sooner than that, you'll be able to subscribe to webhooks from your Upmind instance so you can build out this sort of functionality yourself- which may be a quicker path to what you're trying to achieve.
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