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  4. Vote here people for virtFusion, just to be sure! https://features.upmind.com/p/virtfusion
  5. Vote here people for virtFusion, just to be sure! https://features.upmind.com/p/virtfusion
  6. Vote here people for Mollie, just to be sure! https://features.upmind.com/p/mollie-payment-gateway
  7. Vote here people, just to be sure! https://features.upmind.com/p/mollie-payment-gateway
  8. We're excited to put together our new feature tracker at https://features.upmind.com/ In this we're adding features that we're working on and giving ETA dates. At the moment those ETAs are quarterly, but we release usually weekly. We'll be building this feature tracker into our application directly.
  9. We for will find ways for clients to more easily sell products that avoids them needing to sign up with providers direct -- but we're explicitly trying to avoid what happens here where clients get locked into a service and we take a margin on the product.
  10. Hi guys, We wanted to let you know that we'll be launching Upmind Provisioning v2 which will allow you to build completely custom provisioning integrations as needed, so you aren't limited by Upmind's first-party provision integrations. We'll have more news on that in the near future. Thanks for your understanding and patience!
  11. When will it be developed I need to know if to work with you or just go with whmcs
  12. Earlier
  13. Cloudflare please, is the best price for resellers
  14. Hi Dale, We've logged a request for ticket deletion. Currently, you can only close tickets. However, if you think that you've received a spam ticket, you can now utilize our new "Mark as Spam" feature, allowing you to flag them effortlessly. Additionally, you can manage inbound email spam rules and use filters for simpler spam ticket handling.
  15. Hi everyone, how do I delete a ticket. I can close them, which I'm sure is enough, just want to tidy up our Upmind instance. Thanks Dale
  16. https://docs.virtfusion.com/api/#api-Self_Service
  17. In order to automatize or customers for buying VPSses an integration with VirtFusion would be a good choice, as VirtFsion is very mordern and fits Upmind.
  18. Hi there! Any updates on Mollie integration?
  19. Inwx domain provider with over 2000 domains https://www.inwx.de/de/offer/api
  20. Connection to the lexoffice.de accounting API
  21. Good Morning, How about SolusVM 2 is better than the 1 version and has more functions and can also be used as a cloud version https://docs.solusvm.com/v2/api-reference/api.html
  22. Razorpay has become a pain in the as* to deal with due to their regulations. They need the host to have different PCI DSS certifications to even accept them as merchant.
  23. What about the open sourcing of the payment gateway? This has been pending for too long now.
  24. I can suggest alternative payment gateway for Cashfree. Currently indian users using Razorpay as payment gateway and it's support UPI, netbanking, credit and debit. Team will consider Cashfree in coming months. Thanks for patience.
  25. @Seb Please consider Wisp.gg as a prio for the game panels. It't the most most beautiful UI for now in my opinion otgether with the Upmind UI.
  26. Hi, Currently, Upmind's pricing model displays the regular/renewal price on the product. To offer lower initial purchase prices, you can utilize the promotion code feature. Simply set up a promotion that auto-applies, which will be applied to the first payment. And, if you need to include transfer fees, you can add them as a product option. However, regarding the Grace and Redemption period price, rest assured I'll forward your feedback to our team for feature consideration. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
  27. I currently use WHMCS with marketconnect. most of my clients also have provisioned 3rd party apps like e-mails etc through marketplace. https://marketplace.whmcs.com/ Are you thinking about this marketplace? it's a huge thing when considering to move to UM.
  28. Is it possible to sort the release notes by latest date😄?
  29. Yes I also think the $25 a month is a bit excessive for a new product compared to WHMCS, DirectAdmin, Plesk etc. I wish you guys has a one smaller plan that that as its a big jump from Free to $25 a month. You should consider a $10 a month plan.
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