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Community Answers

  1. Sorry missed that question @jeffuk - GoCardless is just a token/mandate that you can charge against at any point
  2. We support direct PayPal payments. We don't yet support PayPal subscriptions. When we do we'll do it properly. Ideally we want to bring out PayPal reference transactions to allow them to be used like a credit/debit gateway
  3. Hi Darren -- could you open a ticket, we'll take a look at the setup there.
  4. Yes we can add this, I will add the request
  5. We changed the ticket format to ABC-123-12345 as we thought incremental ticket IDs was a potential opening for human phishing. Open to suggestions though!
  6. Yes absolutely - these will be things that we can include in webhooks
  7. You could set the price to 0 for a cycle - that will work fine
  8. This requires the 'Javascript embed on order form' feature in our Roadmap
  9. This is coming in the Vault release in the next week or so
  10. That sound be all your need -- the api would be /api/admin/clients/search though 🙂
  11. I've put up a draft roadmap here: https://upmind.com/public-roadmap
  12. We have this process for GoCardless and it works like a pending payment. So there's a pending payment on the invoice which stops things like suspensions. It should be possible to add this for Stripe SEPA too. Will add to the list
  13. No news yet but it's on our list
  14. We're going to return to payment gateways after adding a number of key features. Likely Q1 2023
  15. We're now set to use the domain lookup features of every domain provider you add- we return the results for the ones that come back first. We'll be adding more in future as well as adding our own caching.
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