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  1. We've deployed quite an advanced billing feature called Invoice Consolidation. This allows clients to receive invoices for multiple services in one go. Under Order Options you can set the default brand options, and then this can be overridden for each client by themselves (or an admin can do it for them). They can also exempt certain services from being consoldidated. You can consolidate invoices - every day (so all services due for an invoice to be raised on one day will be combined) - every week on a certain day - every month on a certain date - at the start of the month - at the end of the month
  2. Sorry for the delay here Pradeep. I can't see why this would happen. Assume it's not happening but please raise a ticket and enable remote access for us if it is i?
  3. I expect we'll have beta until the end of the year. We want to move to the phase where we're adding key features and on to the stage when we are simplifying usage. Being out of beta won't mean that specific provider integrations are all perfect though - our model is that the provider code is open source so in theory anyone can change them, even OpenProvider. The code is here: https://github.com/upmind-automation/provision-provider-domain-names/tree/main/src/OpenProvider
  4. Hi Andaga, We will add SolusV2 in future yes -- we have to focus on the ones that are used most at present. We are working on Virtualisor/Proxmox/OnApp etc The code is however open source - a third party is able to develop a SolusV2 module if they need one urgently and we can review and merge in https://github.com/upmind-automation/provision-provider-servers Thanks Seb
  5. PayPal Legacy Subscriptions is also now supported for callbacks.
  6. Lots of these use different gateway credentials I'm afraid I.e. some are SOAP, some are REST, some taking the callbacks from IPN I think in most cases you would just use one though - probably either Express or Billing Agreements.
  7. Yes - this is done under settings -> invoices -> Hosting '0' invoices from clients I think we will make this the default behaviour
  8. Hi Jason, that's usually because the registrant data isn't there -- or the admin contact info Check under host control -> domain names -> settings And make sure that is filled in.
  9. SolusVMv1 is now live Virtualizor being worked on at present
  10. We start work on Webhooks on Monday week 🙂 The team who are working on invoice consolidation will finish that next week then move to webhooks
  11. Hi Dale, Can you send us an email to [email protected] and we can start the process to reset? Thanks Seb
  12. I think these SAC codes is a feature that we need to add- I think this' description' field is what will be needed to show on the invoice An issue is created 🙂
  13. I agree. It's going to be pretty awesome with settings on a brand, product, client and contract product level (so you can exclude specific services for instance). And you can set a day in the month on which to invoice and a range of time in which to generate the invoices for (So for instance if you generate invoices on the 15th and say 1 month, it'll roll everything up until the 14th of the next month into one invoice).
  14. This is being worked on at present (consolidated invoicing) We hope to have it out this month
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