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  1. Your DNS provider will definitely let you add two -- just add two records
  2. You can do this under settings -> fraud prevention. You can block any countries you wish to there.
  3. You can achieve this through a client custom field.
  4. PayPal auto-payments already exist -- you just need to add PayPal through the rest api method. We'll be adding more options in future.
  5. Shouldn't be too long - it's quite high up on the list. We'll do whichever is more straightforward of Flutterwave or Razorpay first. Any other gateways that you would be interested in?
  6. Hi there - thanks for the feedback So the issue with Stripe and INR I think is that Stripe only allows fully incorporated businesses in India accept payments in currencies other than INR. So I think you want to switch your currency to INR? By default you can't change currency after creating your first invoice, but we can clear your brand for you and let you switch it. If you raise a ticket we'll handle this We've got some Indian gateways in the roadmap (e.g. Flutterwave / Razorpay) which I think are better suited for the Indian market.
  7. At the moment it would round robin - in other words, randomly select a server from the available pool - until you stop a server from accepting new accountsl
  8. Seb


    This is exactly what we are intending. We're looking at doing this ourselves rather than relying on a third party like OnFido as the latter can be quite expensive and we want to keep costs as low as possible for endusers. The idea is that if a client is in 'review' status then they will be pushed through the KYC (Our internal ref: 820)
  9. So we were going to tackle this by having the concept of a 'vault'. Notes of a type 'encrypted' could be stored against a client or a contract product. They may be visible to clients or may not be. This is particularly useful if a client wants to share logins to for example their wordpress site for you to debug, or to an old host for a migration. We were also going to extend the idea to a central staff vault, so passwords that staff might need would be encrypted in a central panel like a password store. (Our internal roadmap ref: b892)
  10. This is coming - along with other changes to the order system 🙂
  11. You should be able to achieve this through settings -> triggers
  12. You can do this under settings -> fraud prevention
  13. We've got some neat ideas for this actually - so widgets you would create in the Upmind interface and it'll then give you a snippet of code to embed. Would be really useful not just for hosting but also to swap out things like Contact Form 7 or Ninja Forms from WordPress websites.
  14. Yes this is planned - as a notification method. Which SMS providers do you use?
  15. You can achieve something similiar now with the client area templates. But we will look to add an announcements section.
  16. You can now set client area templates and content. It's super neat. Under settings -> client area templates You can define content with variables, and then put it in different places throughout the client area. You can also add content to specific product pages -- by going to the product -> product templates
  17. Can you explain how you use it? Who provides the DNS service / the nameservers?
  18. Thanks! Have raised an issue on our end so we will get this fixed.
  19. Standard features for now - Registration - Transfer - Lock/Unlock - Get EPP - Nameservers - Contact info - Polling if they support
  20. That would need to be supported by the domain registrar you use but we don't have an interface for managing that through provisioning yet.
  21. Matching will be difficult but we will have the option to add widgets in future which you can embed onto your site (leading up to an order system etc being embedded)
  22. Sure -- do you want this on a product level or generally? @Chris one UX option to add here We're also going to be releasing a slider option for domain pricing.
  23. Domain Name Transfer - yes Domain Name Promotion Management - yes Bulk Domain Import From Service Provider - not yet Bulk Extension Import from Service Provider - not yet Whois Protection - in theory you could but not fully. Our understanding is that post-GDPR almost all providers include it. Premium domains support - not yet TLD & Pricing Sync support - you could do management of pricing via our API, and you can copy pricing from other domains, but there isn't a sync of pricing (with for example markup) from a provision provider. domain Restore functionality - by this you mean redemption? not yet. You can confirm the date at which domains go into redemption and our polling system will mark a domain as cancelled once it is, but there's no ability to order the domain restoration from redemption yet. Domain Grace and Redemption Grace Periods - grace periods are fine, yes. You can configure per TLD. Email Forwarding - This wouldn't be something upmind would handle, you would need a service for it. per domain profit markup percentages - this is linked to the pricing sync, as presumably needs to take cost from the providers. Will be there eventually but not high on the list.
  24. Yes you can - we just charge a nominal monthly fee to remove the branding ($12/mo) - raise a ticket and we will do it for you. Option in panel coming soon
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