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  1. We'll add this request to our github -- the issue I can see is what we test against. There's isn't a test command as such and we don't want to do something like registering a domain. We'll review
  2. I don't think enhance has a /enhance as yet -- but you would just use the server hostname
  3. I don't think we can do this automatically but we definitely can do something where we have a flow for allocating a service credit and also track the credits so that clients aren't credited twice. Will create an issue
  4. We are actually going to be changing our pricing relatively soon to make the free plan allow more users. We've got what we think is a much more sensible pricing model coming soon. I do think our pricing is extremely extremely good value (especially as it's free for most of our users) -- but there are obviously edge cases like where you use freelancers where it can get expensive that wasn't intended.
  5. Hi Codent If they have made a payment (manually I guess?) then you can add that as a payment in the system - under billing -> account credits -> top up, and then you can allocate it against the raised invoice. We wouldn't void the credit note / mark the invoice as unpaid again, but the payment can just be allocated against the new invoice. Thanks Seb
  6. You can now specify payment gateways by country. So customers in one or more countries can be given different payment gateways than customers in other countries. This adds a lot of flexibility because payment gateways are also restrictable by currency also.
  7. Just explaining a bit more on this to give background. When you use Upmind you get a localised timestamp (including admins and clients) but some of the automation we run uses UTC. We need to do some work to localise each brand's settings to their specified timezone so that automation for those brands happens on their dates.
  8. Uptime monitoring isn't a product Upmind would build but it would just bill it via provisioning like anything else. I don't know personally of many options - but https://360monitoring.com/ looks like a popular product?
  9. Our approach is to make as many things open source as possible. Provisioning is open source ,and payment gateways will be open source. We are currently building a JS widget framework that others can then develop to build their own themes and skins. Code will be open sourced also.
  10. Are you sure you have you published the tags in Google Tag Manger? All you do in Upmind is add the container ID. We don't then set what tags show.
  11. In theory you could model promotions to auto-apply to do this, yes. The rules would be applied to the new product. Note that this isn't a condition of the free trial but just of the promotions engine.
  12. Hi Luis, this is set under settings -> currencies -> Calculate Missing Currency Prices (see screenshot) However it does look like the reference here doesn't update once it is toggled, so we'll check that!
  13. We did try to get NameSRS in but didn't have much progress getting API access. If you have an account with access, then we'd love some test credentials to dev against if you can raise a ticket?
  14. It's coming soon - just a bit more tidying to do!
  15. I understand what it is you want, yes. So basically to nullify the invoice but not to mark it as credited/cancelled, so the service is still renewed. We'll see what we can do.
  16. That's right - we basically made a design + security decision to not ever store passwords. And where we store any credentials it wouldn't be exposed to clients or accessible via the api.
  17. SSL cert blueprints upcoming yes -- once the blueprint is in we'll then be rolling out a lot of SSL providers
  18. Just to confirm we have full consolidation support now. Under settings -> order options We will put a full guide together on what these options mean, but you can consolidate daily, weekly or monthly. Clients also have the ability to manage their own consolidation settings.
  19. Yes you can do this 1. Make a product option category under settings -> product catalogue -> product options 2. Make the category required (see screenshot) 3. Add a product option under that category called 'Setup Fee' with a one-time cost 4. Assign that product option to the product
  20. Just to explain this a little more as what's being asked for here - You can at the moment order hosting (or any service that requires a domain name) using either a domain lookup (DAC) - Clients can alternatively override the DAC by clicking 'Use an existing or external domain' (see screenshot). They can then enter their own subdomain. What this request is basically for is for us to put in restrictions on what that custom domain name can be. So we can have a rule which says it must be [xyz].domain.com However, I'm not sure how we would do availability lookups on this - so I guess we would accept anything and then afterwards if it is rejected they would have the opportunity to try another?
  21. The code is now written and will be reviewed and then pushed https://github.com/upmind-automation/provision-provider-shared-hosting/pull/32
  22. Just adding some transparency on payment gateways and process here We've got a new team member starting in December who will lead payment gateways and our goal is to open source payment gateways in the same way we have done it for provisioning configurations. This means that anyone will be able to write modules for different gateways that we don't have first party integrations for.
  23. We will add this. It is also supported in Stripe but we need to add some additional features to support it
  24. We will add this to the list of integrations.
  25. You can 'delete' a client account, and you can also disable their login (under settings -> security) but we wouldn't by default have a client account status However, you can create a custom client field (settings -> client fields) and create one for admin only called status? You could then filter the clients based on that custom field.
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