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Allowing hard delete

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Can you enable or allow us to actually hard delete cancelled services, tired of seeing "Oops, this link is broken or no longer exists!" 😄

Would also be nice if we could hard delete products with cancelled services "Item already used by contract product and cannot be deleted!"!


Driving me loopy having unclean untidy services with nothing attached but unable to remove them 😞

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There are three separate things here

- The first is a brand 'reset' - which is what we're doing for a few people. This is where they have signed up and then create test data to check it all works, and then once they are happy they want to start for real. We don't have a 'test' mode as such so they want to basically hard reset their data. This is something we're adding soon.

- In terms of a 'hard delete' of invoices or transactions, it's not possible to just delete one thing as it'll ruin your reporting, balances etc. Upmind is designed to proper accounting standards so you can't just delete an invoice. If an invoice is credited, there is a corresponding credit note. Invoices + Credit Notes + Payments + Trade Debtors = 0. If you just delete something you break things.

- There is also the request to delete things like old products / contract products and just clear them from the system. That's something we'll be adding 



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