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  1. Can we think about adding Stripe Direct Debit?
  2. Can you add the ability to automatically integrate with Mailchimp, so that we can do better marketing?
  3. Please add an option to completely disable ticket support. And / or only enable support on specific packages / products.
  4. Would be nice if we could have a product option that provisions separately, but asynchronously. I.e an example: "premium" dns product option, which provisions that dns separately through a separate provision process.
  5. Would be nice if we could have trial periods of x days for both products, and product options.
  6. Can you enable or allow us to actually hard delete cancelled services, tired of seeing "Oops, this link is broken or no longer exists!" 😄 Would also be nice if we could hard delete products with cancelled services "Item already used by contract product and cannot be deleted!"! Driving me loopy having unclean untidy services with nothing attached but unable to remove them 😞
  7. Create a segment, select segment parameter -> created, select to a date such as "01/01/1945 00:00". Done, you can now email everyone!
  8. It would be good if we could merge tickets, not a urgent thing but would be nice.
  9. You need a way of ensuring that customers are entering First, last name, full billing address or Stripe radar will decline the payment instantly without the billing, cvc, and other data in the query.
  10. I noticed in "user interface" the checkout flow options are now there, are they currently working or..?
  11. To clarify, when creating a package/product specifying whether or not(yes or no) has ticket support full stop, and if it does have ticket support specify a department.
  12. Add a option to packages that enables or disables ticket based support for specific packages. As some of us would be able to not offer ticket support on basic packages, or offer support at extra cost.
  13. Beautiful! It would be nice if for the future custom provisioning there is a standardised approach so all provision modules could use the sync feature.
  14. Would be good if we could see who don't have a cPanel account and visa versa to see if any cPanel accounts don't belong to a upmind account. Sync Accounts - WHMCS Documentation
  15. Yes definitely - just a ticket box "customers require at least one valid payment method".
  16. Can you make a option so that a customer has to have one default valid payment method that cannot be removed, or updated.
  17. Can we remove powered by upmind yet? - NEW: Add support for 'Remove Upmind branding' option
  18. Customers are currently able to signup and create a service, pay for said service without entering a billing address. This bypasses stripe authentication, and automatically denies the payment. Edit: it appears as if not entering details bypasses stripe auth too, bypassing all fraud checks. Edit: would be useful to add phone number as required. Edit: might be useful to have the ability to create custom signup fields i.e. business phone etc.
  19. When a customer signs up, and enters a domain sometimes they include "www." can you strip this so it's domain.tld?
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