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Sla credits

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When hosting company have service legal agreement sla Example hosting company promise 99% uptime and hosting when down and uptime reach 98% clients will get 10%, if 95% uptime 50% compensation price is automatically decided based on hosting price if hosting price 10$ per month then clients will get 1$ as compensation for 98% downtown clients will get compensation in there account balance for the down time. Which they can use to pay future invoices. It's will be great if upmind can do this automatically. Example if hosting when down and uptime reach 98% 10% compensation hosting price is 10$ and Client should reserve 1$ as compensation. So in upmind dashboard sla compensation option we can select web server which effects down time and enter and uptime and compensation % and click submit button and upmind will automatically credit the compensation money into clients account credit. Sent mail to downtime compensation has credited. By going this automatic and pro active clients will be happy. Otherwise every clients have to contact open ticket manually credit sla each clients will take lof of time.

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