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  1. @Harry L any update on Webhooks, Widgets, Additional Fraud Prevention tools? As per a previous discussion, widgets were planned to be rolled out in mid of April. The important features like these are being delayed too much.
  2. As far as I know, webhooks are not of top most priority for them right now. At least from what I was communicated. It will be coming but not now.
  3. In the recent release this was added - NEW: Add `Legacy Invoices` listing and top level menu item Is this the ability to add custom menu items? if yes then under which section is this setting available?
  4. Any tentative date for the widgets?
  5. A lot of my clients are asking for social login. Is there any reason Upmind has still not implemented it? The integration is not too complex.
  6. How to reach support when upmind is down? Not able to login on admin area and client area.
  7. Yes, it's a temporary ban. RBI is just making sure that these fintech companies have the compliance and once the audit is complete, the onboarding for new customers will start again.
  8. @Viswanath VB are you using any external knowledge base management? Could you recommend a few?
  9. Can we manage the server from Upmind client area? Like reinstall OS, check the server metrix, restart the server and so?
  10. @Chris the issue is now resolved. Harry replied to it. But in general it will be good if we can reach you guys directly (at least untill Upmind is out of Beta).
  11. @Seb are you guys planning to add the live chat support or a discord community where we can get the Upmind team's attention? Upmind team's response on tickets is not very good these days and there's no way to contact you or someone else directly. I have been waiting for response on tickets for more than 10 hours now. It's again a critical bug which is stopping me from updating a product renewal date.
  12. Great! Waiting for the shared global state between widgets.
  13. Can you use whitelabeled API URLs instead of *.upmind.io? It does not make sense to expose upmind domain name in the API requests if I'm paying to hide Upmind brand name. I will appreciate if we can use our own domain name. If that's not possible then a CDN link should also be fine. The end goal is to hide the 'Upmind' brand name completely if I have enrolled to remove Upmind branding.
  14. Instead of https://widgets.upmind.app/dac/upm-dac.min.js can you share a whitelabeld or a CDN link?
  15. The changes were only internal or any new feature/widgets are added?
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