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Enhance: Provision as Staging option

Feedback Monkey

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1 hour ago, Feedback Monkey said:

Would be nice, if a option for Enhance was to provision the order as a staging site. This would allow the customer to use the hosting straight away, like most modern services do with a staging domain based off their order domain xyz.domain.com and then push to live in Enhance when ready. 

Yes or have a temp (preview) url staging sites have. 

I’ve spoken to Enhance about their staging process, as it currently is it just doesn’t work. Hopefully in time they sort it out. 

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Could we not add the ability to specify a enhance staging domain, and then provision a random xyz.EnhanceStagingDomain.com?

1 hour ago, Seb said:

I think what we'll do with the enhance integration in the medium term is just remove the requirement for a domain as it doesn't need it. Our implementation just requires it right now but it won't in future.


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