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It would be great if we had an Todo List feature that logs all entries to manually review and do.

Create a Service in "Module": f there is an error creating, add to the "Todo List" a task to manually review the error, fixt it and execute again the creation

Cancel Scheduled Services: If we dont auto cancel services, add a task to the Todo List to manually review and cancel the service

Regist a Domain: If there is a problem wen registering a Domain, add to the "Todo List" a task to manually review the error correct and try again

Transfer a Domain: If the Module initiate a transfer, add an entrie to the "Todo List" to check transfer status after 5 days.

When Invoice Paid.  Add to do list that product need to renew mannuly because There will be some products that do not have automation example dedicated server etc. We have to mannuly renewal in data centre because do not have api integration.

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So Logs -> Provision Requests Log -> Unresolved 

This shows everything that hasn't worked. So for instance renewals that fail. If a renew later works it clears from the list

We'll be extending product notifications to make tickets a type so that you can have it create tickets for things like terminations. I like the idea of having a manual todo list that things could be added to in the same way.

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