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TCAdmin module


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Future request and something i really hope will be considered. 

Integration module for TCAdmin for automatic game server setup on Windows(and linux). TCAdmin is a popular game server control panel used by thousands, which are supported by WHMCS and a few others payment panels i believe. They really don't make modules that supports to many payment panels outside of WHMCS, so I can't really see them creating a module for Upmind in the future. 

Here's some information about their WHMCS module.

If considered i can take part in testing the module as well, if required. If there's any questions regarding this request, i'l try to answer them to my best ability.


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There are some settings that are configurable and optonal like in the first link i sent you. A few examples to this are amount of Ram and CPU a customer orders.

case "512MB":
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xms"] = "512";
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xmx"] = "512";
  $billing_api_values["game_slots"] = 12;
case "1GB":
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xms"] = "1024";
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xmx"] = "1024";
  $billing_api_values["game_slots"] = 20;
case "1.5GB":
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xms"] = "1512";
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xmx"] = "1512";
  $billing_api_values["game_slots"] = 35;
case "2GB":
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xms"] = "2048";
  $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xmx"] = "2048";
  $billing_api_values["game_slots"] = 40;

These configurables are usually used with a product slider when configuring a game server. Examples for this are WHMCS which uses this and has other alternatives like  dropdown boxes etc.
These configurables can be created as induvidual packages as well tho which bypasses the slider. I'm not sure how Upmind will handle this to avoid cluttering the clients "order/shop" page. A lot of game servers = a lot of ram and cpu options which will result in 3-5 ram/cpu products per game.
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