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ive opened a ticket for this, but will ask here. I did a test import from whmcs with varying results. However all clients came across, regardless of status - which is fine but then leads me to this question. How do I change a client account to inactive, or close their account?? I don’t want to search for John smith and see everyone for the last ten years for example. 

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You can 'delete' a client account, and you can also disable their login (under settings -> security) but we wouldn't by default have a client account status


However, you can create a custom client field (settings -> client fields) and create one for admin only called status? You could then filter the clients based on that custom field. 

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thanks Seb - it would be nice to have the search automatically only return clients that are active and not return results that are anything else (ie closed or inactive). Our normal client journey would be Account active > packages cancelled or ceased > clients then become inactive for X days > we then close the client account (or on client request at stage 2) > remove / delete the client after 6 years under data retention. I might just be old fashioned in wanting a closed status for a client though!

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