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Self-hosted option?


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Dear Upmind team,

Are there any plans for providing a self-hosted version of Upmind? Love what you are doing with Upmind, beautiful interface and useful features, pricing point is just perfect. We would love to use it in production once it is out of Beta and allows for a self-hosted version.



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Hi Angel,

First of all, thank you for your kind words and for expressing interest in a self-hosted version of Upmind. 

At the moment, we don't support a self-hosted version, but I appreciate you bringing this suggestion to our attention. I'll make sure to escalate your feedback to our development team for their consideration as we continue to enhance Upmind's features and capabilities.

Thank you,


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We made an important decision to be a SAAS product as it enables us to make a much better product- but some important things:

1. We're currently working on data residency options so you can choose different locations for your data when you sign up.

2. You can get all of your data at any time -- go to settings -> Accounting & Reports and you can enable 'External storage'. This sends your key data daily to an S3 bucket of your choice -- more options coming soon for locations.

3. We're working on provisioning v2 at the moment which you can run yourself, so all the server info you have is then stored wherever you like (should you want this)

4. We never store any financial data like card information - this is all stored with the payment gateways you choose and we just store token.

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