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Whitelabel Knowledgebase or Documentation

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Hello Team,

First of all thanks for free account for newbies.

I am already resellerclub india reseller and now using upmind from last 1 week.

I found in hosting industry Knowledgebase is must required as hosting provider i have to guide my staff.

In future will buy upmind and think to seprately remove branding in that case i dont want to ask my staff or reseller to check upmind docs.

There is an option required if possible i point some DNS records to your docs and automatically it's display docs on my whitelable site with no upmind branding.

Same things provide by resellerclub.



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Hi there,

Thank you for your trust in Upmind. To add a footer to your Upmind account, navigate to Settings > Client Area Templates > Footer.

However, to remove the Whitelabelling ('Powered by Upmind'), an additional fee of $12 per month is required.

Hope this information is helpful to you

Thank you 

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At present, Upmind serves as both an e-commerce and billing system. However, the specific white-labeling feature you mentioned, as observed in the example provided by ResellerClub India's Knowledge Base (https://manage.resellerclub.com/kb/), is not currently a part of our offerings.

Our knowledge base is centralized at https://docs.upmind.com/docs/getting-started where we compile and present comprehensive information.

Hope it helps 🙂 Thanks

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