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Issue with Invoices and unable to change the default currency

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Hello Team,

Thank you for making such an awesome product and I really liked how simple the billing system is when compared to WHMCS. I was trying to test payments using the stripe integration I have setup and it is failing due to a regulation in stripe about choosing INR as the default currency.

So I tried changing it from settings and under my organization settings to INR from US dollars but when I hit save, it will save that I already have invoices which are pending and the changes cannot be saved.

I have cancelled all of my invoices if you check my account, you will see. So I think this is a bug or I am missing something.

Please let me know how I can update the default currency to INR for now or do it from your end please.

Thank You so much.

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Hi there - thanks for the feedback

So the issue with Stripe and INR I think is that Stripe only allows fully incorporated businesses in India accept payments in currencies other than INR. So I think you want to switch your currency to INR?

By default you can't change currency after creating your first invoice, but we can clear your brand for you and let you switch it. If you raise a ticket we'll handle this

We've got some Indian gateways in the roadmap (e.g. Flutterwave / Razorpay) which I think are better suited for the Indian market.

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Hi Seb, thanks for the reply. You are right bout stripe. They need the company to be fully incorporated and mine is already done. So their rules are, by default i can use INR to make transactions and receive money from anyone within India. However if i wish to receive money from abroad clients, then i need to have import export code which i am still working on getting one.

So in the meantime, can you please change the default currency to INR? I couldn't find a ticketing system to create one.

Also, please only change the currency and retain all other data about my profile and other info so that i don't have to start over again.


I also have one more question regarding PayPal integration. I followed your kb but couldn't find much info about PayPal because when i research online, it looks like Indian businesses who have PayPal integrated on their website can't receive money domestically from other PayPal users as they are no longer supported for domestic transactions in India. We can still receive money from other countries but just not from Indian users. So i think integrating Razorpay would be great. There are other payment gateways as well such as CCAvenue, PayU etc. Razorpay is really good but i would suggest you guys to check others as well since Razorpay transaction fees are a bit high. 


Last question probably 🙂

How do I make my admin panel show the payment gateway to the users automatically based on their country?

EX: I want to show only Razorpay gateway to Indian users or only stripe to Indian users. For other country people, i want to show PayPal. How can I do this?


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my long replies. Really appreciate it.

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