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Apologies if this is the wrong forum to ask this (please do move it if so). I just had a question about the domain contact details workflow when integrating domain registrars...

At the moment it seems customers are thrown straight into a large contact form and have to manually input contact details for every registration (I think that's how it works as far as I can see). Are there plans to allow it to default to account details, or use contact details from a previous registration (or from a saved address book)? It would make that flow a lot nicer.

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With my main business, we primarily deal with wholesalers directly at the moment for the ~1,000 domains we look after, primarily Netistrar & Nominet these days now, after moving away from SRS a few years back.

One of the areas that's always irked me with these wholesale systems (OpenSRS, eNom, Netistrar, etc) is how contacts are handled. If you update an address book entry for a client, you still have to manually update their contact details against the domain records. Funnily enough Nominet out of all of them get this bit right - you can update a handle and all domain records update.

Can (if it doesn't already) Upmind fine a sane way to handle this? Can, even optionally, client contact updates (or address book updates) roll out to related domains so everything is kept in sync?

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for this request.

We are acutely aware that domain contact management is a really important feature Upmind is currently missing, and what you've described is the direction we want to go in. 

I can't offer a release timeline for any of this yet, but we have some of the first incremental improvements planned which we'll roll out in the next few months.

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