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Improvements to PayPal gateways


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Currently, Upmind provides 6 options to configure PayPal, from Express to Billing Agreements and Pro.

While having options is generally good, this is a little confusing. And also, if you don't have reference transactions enabled, you need to setup:

- PayPal Express: for one time payments.

- PayPal Subscriptions: for recurring payments.

And it's up to the customer to select te correct one and if they select Subscriptions for a one time payment, Upmind throws an error saying there are no subscriptions in the order.




Is it possible to optimize/unify some of the PayPal options? Maybe give the system some intelligence to detect when to use Express vs Subscription agreements and not leave it up to the client, or some solution in that direction.


There's a WordPress plugin called SureCart, which is a WooCommerce competitor. They have implemented a solution for when a merchant doesn't have Reference Transactions enabled, since it's a very hard thing to get enabled.

It's called CIB (client-initiated billing) and they say PayPal approved them for the ability to be an intermediary between the merchant and the client and their branding shows up when checking out instead of the customer's.

Is there a way Upmind can do something like that for us? Since it's almost imposible to get Reference Transactions enabled for small enterprises and having this will help unify PayPal gateways (I believe billing agreements allow for subscriptions and for one time payments at the same time).


I'm leaving some references of what I'm talking about:


Also please see the attached image, which is their announcement post.




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I definitely agree there are too many paypal options. 

That being said - we just put stripe into the websites for card payments alongside paypal and EVERY transaction has gone through it - noone using paypal any more. I kind of understand it - one of our suppliers insists on using paypal which automatically charges my card. This is exceptionally annoying when I have a credit balance with them, yet they still charge my card. Trust in Paypal is becoming less maybe?? A little off topic, apologies.

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