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Usability--better form labels

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I am a screen reader user. For those unaware, a screen reader is a program that speaks the contents of the computer screen to blind/sight impaired users. There are many places where I suspect the controls are labeled w/icons that a screen reader will not read, ie, the links for grid & list views, links to delete products/categories, etc. The result being we hear the word "link" & have no idea what it is. Keyboard navigation is also somewhat troublesome, ie, using only the keyboard, it can be hard to check/uncheck various radio buttons reliably (think 1-off vs. recurring payment). Editing term prices is also a bit fiddly using only the keyboard.


Having thus said, it's a lot more usable than many programs of this type, so I'm appreciative. Just please bear in mind that a web hosting business can be a great option for many sight-impaired individuals because it allows one to work from home & take advantage of technical knowledge rather than eyesight constraints. So please consider a11y guidelines when incorporating features. & thank you!

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