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  1. Something we can improve still. If it catches one, it can catch many 🙂
  2. It should do already - if you click the bulk edit option and change the 'Granularity' dropdown to 'Region', after selecting a country you should see all regions with an option to 'Select all'.
  3. Very soon we will have support for brand logo and icon – which means you can have a landscape logo on the client side, and we'll fallback to using the icon in the way we currently do.
  4. I assume you mean from the admin area? As right now all support routes and menu items should be unavailable on the client side.
  5. Technically this isn't difficult to do - but right now our backend has no knowledge or understanding of FE routes, pages, meta data etc. So we would have to build up that relationship first. It would be a neat feature to offer, but not sure its something which will be available in the coming months.
  6. Hi Luis - so i'm not too sure what we can do here. With language, we simply make a default selection based on the client's preferred browser language, assuming it is also supported by your brand. We intentionally don't do anything based on IP. So if i were travelling and in Peru, I'd personally still want localisation in EN. Currency formatting is then also determined based on your language – so the use of commas or points for example will change based on your current locale. You can see this in action simply by changing your language.
  7. HI Luis - i'm sure we can put an option within the TLD modal. I'll create an issue.
  8. This is a neat idea. I've logged the request internally.
  9. We'll get this fixed soon – we really should have this sorter already.
  10. Aha – good spot. I think when we first built this we didn't think people would go much beyond the 100 days limit. I've create an issue and we'll improve the UI here so you can set these to any value.
  11. Hi Adrien - in general we plan to add more design configuration options for the appearance of product options and attributes. Eg radios, radios inline, radio buttons, grid, grid with icons (for things like country selection with flags) and so on. So for sure this should be possible when we've done this.
  12. We're building an NPS component soon – which should handle a lot of this.
  13. I like this idea. We would need to work out the details a bit more – but we could essentially develop something similar to our in-app notifications, but call it "announcements" and make it so each announcement can be pushed to all clients or to a specific client/product segment.
  14. Similar to my reply from your other request - this is for sure something we can add and i've created an issue internally.
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