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  1. Has anyone succeeded in using Upmind w/Paypal Checkout? If so, what did you do? I entered all my API credentials & got a "successfully authenticated" message, but my "place order & pay" button remains unavailable. This is frustrating, because it's far from the first platform of a similar nature that I've set up, but it's the first w/which I've had problems. I do have a business account w/Paypal, w/2fa enabled, in case that's of interest. I tested w/2 types of products, 1 w/monthly & yearly terms & another w/1-off pricing, just to see if there was any difference, but both yielded the same results. I'm starting to wonder if this software is truly ready for prime time or if it's just me somehow being stupid. Wish I could definitively rule the latter possibility out, but... Thanks for any suggestions, all.
  2. I am a screen reader user. For those unaware, a screen reader is a program that speaks the contents of the computer screen to blind/sight impaired users. There are many places where I suspect the controls are labeled w/icons that a screen reader will not read, ie, the links for grid & list views, links to delete products/categories, etc. The result being we hear the word "link" & have no idea what it is. Keyboard navigation is also somewhat troublesome, ie, using only the keyboard, it can be hard to check/uncheck various radio buttons reliably (think 1-off vs. recurring payment). Editing term prices is also a bit fiddly using only the keyboard. Having thus said, it's a lot more usable than many programs of this type, so I'm appreciative. Just please bear in mind that a web hosting business can be a great option for many sight-impaired individuals because it allows one to work from home & take advantage of technical knowledge rather than eyesight constraints. So please consider a11y guidelines when incorporating features. & thank you!
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