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  1. Razorpay has become a pain in the as* to deal with due to their regulations. They need the host to have different PCI DSS certifications to even accept them as merchant.
  2. What about the open sourcing of the payment gateway? This has been pending for too long now.
  3. Guys this won't happen. Leave it.
  4. Seems like a few months already gone by and there has been no update on this.
  5. We moved from Upmind some months back. As we were small that time, it made us easy to move out our customers. But we had to do it manually, and took around 2 days to migrate around 127 clients and their services.
  6. Seems like Upmind team @Seband @Harry L are not at all interested in exploring new business avenues and growing customers. Thanks a lot for all the help till date, but we have decided that we will be moving to WHMCS back again. Goodbye Upmind, forever!
  7. DirectAdmin has been implemented by a user, but has not been merged by the Upmind team yet. You can see here: https://github.com/upmind-automation/provision-provider-shared-hosting/pulls We are waiting for the same...
  8. You can also take a look at CCAvenue or PayTM, any one of these would suffice. CCAvenue is currently accepting new customers.
  9. Razorpay has stopped onboarding new customers long time back, and now require PCI DSS certification even for clients who are with them from the past 3-4 years. I think they are not looking to do business with hosting providers in the future. @Seband @Harry L if you really need Indian customers, you need to add PayU/Cashfree soon, otherwise we will have to move back to WHMCS.
  10. Hello Team, Razorpay has been asking its Indian merchants to produce a PCI-DSS certificate from where they store and process payments. As we are using Upmind, could you guys tell me is Upmind PCI DSS certified?
  11. @Seb If we have just Jelastic products, and then if the webhook is triggered, will it pass on the values to the Jelastic API?
  12. @Seb @Harry L anyone can shed some light on the above question?
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