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Reseller functionality?


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Hi, I'm looking for reseller functionality, where resellers will continue to gain monthly payouts for as long as the end customer continues their subscription. I see affiliate functionality in Upmind but what about Reseller?

*I haven't created an Upmind account yet, I know it's free, will get to it soon, busy with other work at the moment so if anyone can answer this in the meantime I'd appreciate it

**So far Upmind looks really good, so I hope I can use it for my needs. WHMCS is expensive & bloated, ClientExec looks like a one-man-show, Blesta & Hostbill have crappy UI. Currently it's a flip between Upmind & WiseCP (mainly cos of their Reseller module).

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We don't have any reseller controls in the Upmind dashboard yet, but you can certainly set up affiliate commission.

To summarise how it works:

  • Once you enable the affiliate system, your customers can opt-in to be an affiliate
  • You can configure different tiers if you want certain affiliates to get different commissions, but you really only need to set up your default tier to get started
  • Within your default tier, you configure which products affiliates can earn commissions on by making sales referrals, and the exact rules around amounts, one-time vs recurring, maturation times etc
  • Affiliates can create links in their client area to distribute however they wish to potential customers
  • When a potential customer clicks an affiliate link and goes on to sign up and make a purchase, the affiliate will be marked as having made that referral and will earn commission if eligible
  • Affiliates can withdraw earnings from their affiliate balance to account credit, to their paypal account, or you can pay out by BACS and record that manually

For more detail, your best bet for now is the documentation article you linked - https://docs.upmind.com/docs/creating-an-affiliate-system - until we post a video walkthrough on our YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/@upmind8575/videos

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Thanks very much Harry. So basically if my clients (e.g. web agencies) want to create a hosting account on behalf of their clients (brand owners), they'd have to click on their own affiliate link and create a standalone account etc right? Other than payouts, they won't be able to control anything else related to the "sub-accounts" from their main account; all accounts are standalone, correct?

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You're very welcome!

Yes you're correct in that if affiliates wanted to create accounts for their own customers they'd have to do it all themselves manually, but they could then grant themselves delegate access to the referred services which would give them access to view billing information + run provisioning functions if they so wish - https://docs.upmind.com/docs/how-do-delegates-work.

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