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HestiaCP Integration


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I've found upmind and well, guess what I'm liking it alot. But before I can use it for my mini webhosting startup, there are still a couple things missing for me.
For example, dutch translation(but this will come in time I guess), the openprovider domain plugin is another thing but I think you guys are already developing one!
The most important thing for me: a webhosting control panel integration for HESTIACP.

HestiaCP is a fork of VestaCP(a control panel that has been left behind..) The dev's from HestiaCP are keeping it well updated, and they are doing their best to grow it bigger and bigger.

Beside HestiaCP the ISPconfig is another nice free control panel that is being used alot!

Anyway, I will keep an eye on Upmind hopefully I can migrate my clients to upmind and finally use a proper billing system(currently I only use an invoicing system, so I am doing alot manually)


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I'd like to bring this up, in the last year Hestia has probably been the fastest growing CP in Users/GitHub, not only because of all the legacy behind it (VestaCP), but because of the myriad of fixes and new features they are including, besides the short term roadmap, plugins, ipv6 and incremental backups with Restic among others... The development team seems to have a clear idea of how to manage and improve CP and that alone makes me think it has a great future ahead of it.

For this reason and because we are implementing new ARM servers where Hestia is one of the few CPs that works perfectly, we are migrating several clients to Hestia, it would be great to incorporate its compatibility with Upmind, it should be quite straightforward as it has a solid API and in fact there are already implementations in other software, the VestaCP ones still partially work and I have seen that HostBilling already has a specific one for Hestia.

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