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Pre-sales Questions

ABS, Inc

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Good Afternoon/Evening, 

My company is looking to move away from whmcs, which we have used since 2007. While most of our staff is not happy about letting someone else in the "cloud" that we have no control over, do the hosting, I have mostly convinced them to give it a try. Although we would love a backup system where we can keep all our data saved nightly. We have 10k+ clients. 

The biggest problem we have with just about every billing platform that exist today is they fail to provide support for two very important features. 

1) Ability to do billing in days, 7 day, 30 days, etc. There are plenty of SAAS/PAAS/IAAS that bill on weekly, 168 hour terms (7 days) and then 30 day terms. Another large Product As A Service is cellular airtime / data, which is almost on a 30 day term. 30 days is not the same as monthly. So, does upmind have any plans to offer daily period of billing, which would open them to many more product service industries? 

2) Shipping. Our main product offering requires hardware to be shipped at beginning of the order, and then 30 day billing. It looks like 2 years ago upmind said they were working on shipping, but I see no evidence this has ever been done. May service providers need to send a physical product.. why is it that none of the industry billing systems seem to understand this?

Can you give me an update on these two items, or if we could pay to make them a realty. I really would like to move to something better than whmcs, but there seems to be the same problems that have plagued other platforms are also overlooked by upmind. I wish we could stop copying what is already out there, and fill in the gaps that people have asked for, for years. 

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Hi there,

Thank you for selecting Upmind as your choice. We are currently committed to constantly optimizing our application. Our billing terms are monthly, quarterly, and annually customizable, but only on a monthly basis.

We are aware of this request and still on our roadmap. We hope to have it available soon and will keep you posted on our community forum.


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