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20i Account Packages Limit

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Hi Guys

We host with reseller accounts with both your main companys - verp and stable.

We also host with 20i, albeit we find the server speed slower for the UK

Anyhow, we offer customers on 20i the ability to buy a package from us that will allow them 20 or 30 accounts.
Just like the way WHM lets you have 50/100/200 cpanel accounts assigned to each user.


In the 20i stackcp (thier control panel) customer can use this fine.

But i dont see any option in upmind to allow this sort of thing. Is it possible to see a package of 20 accounts via Upmind via 20i?



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Hi @TheIrishGoat thanks for your question. In theory it should be possible- but the customer would have a single order product in their Upmind client area from which they can log into 20i and manage all of their domains- basically one order product per billing agreement with you. You'd need to define the package within 20i and model that in your product catalogue in Upmind so that someone can order a 20/100/200 domain package. 

If you want to discuss or demonstrate exactly how you set up your 20i package types in any more detail then please open a support ticket within Upmind and we can go from there.

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We have been in touch with 20i and we know there is and ID for a package itself, but no one within 20i is able to give us or tell us where to find the ID for the page of say 20 accounts in one order.

Clients can order this via the hostshop (20i's version of Whmcs) but we cannot find or see any IDs in the address bar for this type of package.
Do you think it is possible


Thanks again

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@NID You don't actually need the hosting account IDs. When manually adding an existing 20i hosting account to an order in Upmind, you can use the domain name in the username field then press "Get Info" from the order product "Manage" tab, and the system will grab and store the rest of the details needed to make subsequent provision requests to that 20i hosting account. If you need further help, best to contact us directly via support ticket. 


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