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Popular Automated Addon Provisioning?


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Hi everyone. Just found out about Upmind the other day and it looks super promising to me! I've grown so tired of all the issues that come with WHMCS and the skyrocketing cost of so many third party addons... It's very cool to see the Upmind team including so many neat features that are native to the product. (Such as the variety of control panels, domain registrars, etc.)

One feature that has kept me with WHMCS is MarketConnect. Granted, there are not even a whole lot of options here, but I really enjoy the ability to sell third party services to customers and have it auto-provision. I also know there are dozens of partner programs that are not in MarketConnect, but it feels so burdensome to seek them all out, as someone who is new to this industry. I want to be able to offer my customers as much variety as possible. I'm especially excited about the prospect of website builder integrations with Upmind. I'm not familiar with Basekit, but I would love to be able to offer different options to my customers in the future. I'm a designer who has used many website builders over the years, and I've jumped from host to host to try new things before finally settling on starting this business.

I also wonder how possible it would be to replicate a marketplace such as Vendasta's services? One other thing that caught my eye with Upmind was marketing tools like lead gen and a clean CRM-like interface. Very appealing to me.

What are some other popular integrations that are planned or being requested? Interested in hearing from others. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hello there,

Appreciate your thought about Upmind. We continue to develop Upmind to make it better. You may notice that our client has made several inquiries on our GitHub page here.

We are continuously developing import tools from other systems and open-sourcing payment gateways to enable anyone to create their own and speed up the process of adding new payment gateways. We also support email providers and SSL certificates. Data exporting to the reporting system follows.

You also may consider keeping updated about Upmind as we announce the new feature and update it in our community forum hereย ๐Ÿ™‚ย 


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