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is Upmind dead?


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Not at all - it's absolutely production ready

We develop lots and lots of functionality but everyone has different priorities unfortunately and we can't make everyone happy. This week we've rolled out huge changes to monthly reports, we've got webhooks working, we're rewriting the domain name DAC widget, we've put out domain integrations for CentralNic reseller, CentralNic registry, GoDaddy, InternetBS, laying the foundations for multi-jurisdictional data residency.

The main issue our users have is that we don't yet concentrate on simplifying things and we keep adding more functionality. So there's often confusion about how things work but we need to keep focusing on adding functions before we can step back and simplify.

We're not apologetic about that -- we're in beta for a reason and there's reasons we develop in the way we do. We'd love to step back and spend time improving usability and flows, or focusing on UX, but we're not at that stage yet. We still have some big key features to finish before we can do that. Unfortunately the progress and speed we do things behind the scenes doesn't sometimes convey to the features that people see in the app or the things they want us to prioritise.


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