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Hey guys

We've had quite a few people ask us on tickets about etas for various features, so want to give a transparent overview of our focus for the next couple of months so that we are managing expectations a bit.

Our focus for the next 4 -6 weeks is the following

- A new client order flow -  an "express" flow - which we imagine most users will use. We build the current order flow to cover functionality, without focusing too much on design/UX. The new system optimises this considerably and will also better handle things like 'do you want to register/transfer this domain'. We're going to release in stages.

- GST/Multi-tax billing. This is substantial at it involves a restructure of how we handle tax.

- Creating the structure for the different provisioning areas we don't already have and open-sourcing it all so that others can contribute integrations. We have started at https://github.com/upmind-automation - this now allows others to contribute integrations which we can then review. In future (long-term) we plan ways for you to be able to run your own custom versions of the provisioning entirely standalone. We need to publish what we have so far for domain names, and develop a framework for servers + ssls.

- More advanced domain functionality that is needed. E.g. polling.

- Client area templates (so you can add custom content to areas within the client area)

- Quick Add client products + services from their profile in admin area

Once the above are done, the following 2-4 weeks will be spent neatening the onboarding of new Upmind users and fixing pain points during setup (e.g. adding custom domains, setting up email forwarding, adding domain names). All of this then will then allow us to open the floodgates to new Upmind users 🙂

While we do the above, small bug fixes / tweaks / improvements will be left unless urgent as we don't want to distract from getting the above sorted. We know there are lots of little improvements we can make and some seem minor. But we want to get the above all sorted.  We will be concurrently working on new payment gateways, though the speed there will also be slower than we will be able to do in future due to focusing on the above.

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