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Upmind for growing german business


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Hello everyone, I have registered here in the forum, because I actually have a few questions about Upmind, which could possibly make our decision a little easier. We currently use WHMCS, but are looking for an alternative. I have seen Upmind on several hosters on Hostadvice, as we are of course represented there as well. I would be interested in what differences Upmind offers me, so that a change would possibly really make sense? I have already looked around a bit in the admin dashboard and everything looks very good so far. I have to say that we are a managed WordPress provider from Germany and offer our service with Plesk. Additionally it is possible to purchase other small products like email's and domains. Smaller other products like SSL certificates will follow, but only at a later date. Are there individual customization possibilities with Upmind? That is what we love about WHMCS. We have completely customized whmcs with the help of a template, so that it is virtually unrecognizable. If something like that is possible, then even the price would be justified and help us a bit in our decision. WHMCS offers a lot of extensions, so customizing or adding extensions is always possible. I hope that my questions can be answered. 

Best regards

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Hi Florian

I think we've had a ticket also 🙂

We have a good integration with Plesk and are adding more. Plenty of domain providers. Other integrations like email providers are coming soon.

Obviously we are new software so don't have the many years of community plugins and addons, but many of the custom plugins written for WHMCS we have built tools into Upmind anyway. We're also API first.

There's a fairly decent overview of some differences here: https://docs.upmind.com/docs/whmcs-alternative-upmind-comparison


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