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Pricing Update: Free Tier


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We have now settled on the final pricing for Upmind and are excited to announce that we will have a free tier. This will be always free - no introductory pricing, no catches, no hidden fees. For most people that use Upmind, they will never have to pay us anything.

We want to be the billing platform of choice (and initially, the hosting billing platform of choice). We want as many businesses to use our software as possible. Together with the open sourcing of provisioning - more details later - this free tier really increases the scope of what we can do.

For larger businesses, the free plan should also remove the pressure to commit to Upmind within a finite trial period. Moving your business client management and billing is a big decision and we do not want to rush you into it.

Our free plan allows

  • Up to 50 Clients (clients with an active service)
  • Up to 50 Paid Invoices in the previous month
  • Up to 2 Payment methods
  • Up to 2 Provisioning Configurations (a server, domain provider, etc.)
  • A single brand
  • 1 staff user

Full pricing details at https://upmind.com/start - we think our paid pricing is amazingly low also.

All current Upmind users will be moved to the free plan if they fall within the above limits. Anyone who registers from now on will also start on the free plan until they upgrade.

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