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Translation Volunteers Needed


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Update: We have changed translation systems and the below is now revised!


We want to put Upmind in as many languages as possible. At present our default language is English but we also have partial translations in French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Greek, German, Indonesian, Norwegian and Bulgarian.

We have a *lot* of phrases and words to translate (~20,000). These have been done partially by translators and partially by automation. Often this misses the context.

If you are already using a foreign language in the app you may also see incorrect or clunky translations, or even placeholders.

We really need Upmind users to help with the translations. 

We are looking for volunteers to help translate the app into different languages.

We use lokalazy.com with the translations, so it's really easy to do. See the screenshot.

If you would like to help please let us know in this thread with the language you can help with. We will invite you to a private forum where we can discuss the translations and then invite you to localazy.com if you want to go ahead.

Q. What is involved?
In localazy.com, adding translations for keys and phrases. You can see the English version (or another language) to compare with. localazy.com will suggest translations from google translate which can often just be accepted. You can also review existing translations and change them.

Q. Is there sanity checking?
Yes. This is automated!

Q. I see bad translations
Help us to fix them!

Q. What do I get for helping?
Our massive appreciation, and a better app for you and others! We can't pay for this at present but we may in future be able to reward with Upmind credits. We can also list you on our contributors page if you like.

Q. Do I need to commit a certain amount?

Q. Is it ongoing?
Yes and no. Upmind is getting bigger and bigger so there are always more phrases to add. 

Q. OK, how do I help?
Message in this thread or DM me. We'll get you started.




Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 17.53.17.png

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