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MRR in Upmind is woefully inaccurate.

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There needs to be a update and signifcant improvement to MRR calculations in Upmind.

Upmind is over 30% inaccurate MRR when compared to Stripe's MRR. 

I believe some, not all, comes from the fact Upmind classes a yearly purchase / 12.

I do not believe a single annual payment should be added to MRR, when a one off payment is by definition not "monthly returning revenue".

Can we get the option to exclude annual charges from MRR, and can we get some insight into why MRR is tragically wrong when compared to WHMCS? 

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That's not true - our MRR is the monthly recurring revenue of the business in Upmind if everything was renewed that month. If there's a yearly payment, then yes -- a monthly calculation is the yearly payment divided by 12.

It's not meant to be the amount of people who pay on a monthly billing cycle -- that's not what the stat is. It reflects the subscription base of the business regardless of billing cycle.

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I think you have some misunderstanding about what our MRR shows. It is this:

- Price of each live contract product you have 
- Divided by the number of months

Therefore if you had 2 annual plan of $120/yr and 1 monthly plan of $10/month

The MRR would be $30


It doesn't show cash in that month, or the number of subscriptions that are paid monthly, or income after fees -- or anything complicated like that. It's a reflection of the amount of recurring revenue your business has

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