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0.58.2 (09/09/2022)

- NEW: Update client listing to use `UGridItem` and `URowItem`
- NEW: Show warning message prior to manual status change
- INTERNAL: Deprecate use of `vat_percentage` property

0.58.3 (12/09/2022)

- NEW: Introduce new `utils/money` store module
- FIX: Incorrect truncation of monetary values for locales with comma-delimited decimalisation
- INTERNAL: Add locale-aware `trimTrailingZeros` money method
- INTERNAL: Add new `formatValue` money method (utilising Intl.NumberFormat)
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0.59.1 (20/09/2022)

- NEW: Add support for new `store_on_payment` gateway property
- NEW: Update catalogue listing to use `UGridItem` and `URowItem`
- NEW: Display specific abort message upon OmniBridge redirect
- FIX: `&lang=` param not being passed in client auth routes
- FIX: Remove relative dates filter option for dynamic reports
- INTERNAL: Implement new `GatewayComponent` wrapper
- INTERNAL: Sync localazy translations

0.59.2 (21/09/2022)

- NEW: Implement custom PDF invoice template

0.59.3 (21/09/2022)

- NEW: Implement rapid order flow
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0.59.4 (23/09/2022)

- FIX: Issue where only one filter of type date could be used

0.59.5 (30/09/2022)

- NEW: Only localise FE app if language is supported by brand
- FIX: Unhandled error during related products call
- FIX: Broken cProd provisioning route
- FIX: Hide cProd activation link from client side
- FIX: `undefined` cancel URL during payment
- INTERNAL: Sync localazy translations

0.59.6 (30/09/2022)

- FIX: Use `total_amount_converted` as base when overriding basket price
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0.59.7 (04/10/2022)

- NEW: Add 'Include attachments' control for email notifications
- FIX: Display issues when listing cancellation requests
- INTERNAL: Use native email history endpoints or recipient type filters

0.60.0 (05/10/2022)

- NEW: Add support for custom Google headings font
- FIX: Sentry issue UPMIND-19V
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0.60.1 (06/10/2022)

- NEW: Implement 'Support Pin' functionality

0.60.2 (06/10/2022)

- FIX: Improve paste pin logic to handle non-digits

0.60.3 (07/10/2022)

- NEW: Update 2FA flows to use new pin input
- FIX: `UPinInput` entry issue on Apple devices
- FIX: Duplicate tax setting routes/views

0.60.4 (07/10/2022)

- FIX: Use event.target.value for pin input

0.60.5 (10/10/2022)

- INTERNAL: Trial 2fa input improvements for android/firefox

0.60.6 (14/10/2022)

- NEW: Implement flow to restore default email templates
- NEW: Add support for uploading a brand email logo
- NEW: Add support for requiring billing address / company details
- NEW: Add support for setting a default tax template
- NEW: Surface `webhook_url` for supported payment providers
- FIX: Unhandled 401 when processing uploads

0.60.7 (19/10/2022)

- FIX: Brand image upload bug
- FIX: Incorrect tax display on 'Add to basket' control
- FIX: Affiliate condition percentage field
- INTERNAL: Sync localazy translations

0.60.8 (24/10/2022)

- FIX: Broken redirection following password reset

0.60.9 (25/10/2022)

- NEW: Implement contract product client label
- NEW: Add 'Copy email to clipboard' option for payout dest
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0.60.10 (28/10/2022)

- NEW: Surface Upmind license quotas
- FIX: Paysafe abort message not showing

0.60.11 (31/10/2022)

- NEW: Surface client brands and oauth clients
- NEW: Implement wipe brand data setting and control

0.61.0 (03/11/2022)

- NEW: Implement API tokens
- INTERNAL: Sync localazy translations
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0.61.1 (04/11/2022)

- FIX: Automation intervals not accounting for higher brand defaults
- FIX: Show 'calculated_cancel_date' instead of close date

0.61.2 (08/11/2022)

- NEW: Improved UI/UX for selecting supported brand languages
- FIX: Language selection for staff users when different from brand languages
- FIX: Missing hook log names
- INTERNAL: Improve loading (+ fallback behaviour) for third-party i18n files
- INTERNAL: Refactor to support RFC 5646 (kebabcase) locale codes
- INTERNAL: New single source of truth for supported frontend locales
- INTERNAL: Sync localazy translations


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0.61.3 (08/11/2022)

- FIX: Transaction link component reuse
- FIX: Various typos
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.61.4 (08/11/2022)

- NEW: Implement new currencies select UI/UX
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.62.0 (08/11/2022)

- NEW: (BIG) Implement deferred provision fields 
- NEW: (BIG) Implement foundations of client product redesign
- NEW: Client area dropdown menu for mobile/tablet viewports
- NEW: Client area `billboard` slot for eg. pending setup products
- INTERNAL: Introduce new `ClientRoutes` enum
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.62.1 (17/11/2022)

- NEW: Implement advanced 'Transfer ownership' contract option
- NEW: Implement advanced 'Change currency' contract option
- NEW: Surface category products within edit category view
- FIX: Basket provision field behaviour
- FIX: Missing cProd 'Pending setup' icons
- FIX: Untranslated ticket dept names within dropdown
- FIX: Occasionally blank 'Pay invoice' modal
- FIX: Malformed hook log mapping
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.63.0 (02/12/2022)

- NEW: (BIG) Redesign/Refactor of client product UX/UI
- NEW: `cProdAboutComp` component
- NEW: `cProdAssistanceComp` component
- NEW: `cProdBreakdownComp` component
- NEW: `cProdCondition` module
- NEW: `cProdDetailsListComp` component
- NEW: `cProdInjectorMixin` mixin
- NEW: `cProdNoticesComp` component
- NEW: `cProdProvConfigDetailsComp` component
- NEW: `cProdProvInjectorMixin` mixin
- NEW: `cProdProvKeyActionsComp` component
- NEW: `cProdRoutes` module
- NEW: `cProdTimelineComp` component
- NEW: Global `UDl` component
- NEW: Global `UContextualise` component
- NEW: Global `USectionBox` component
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations



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0.64.0 (14/12/2022)

- NEW: (BIG) Implement vault assets (notes/secrets)
- NEW: Redesign/Refactor of client ticket UX/UI
- NEW: Trust `can_delete` payment detail flag
- NEW: Contract product settings component layout
- NEW: `UPinControl` component
- NEW: `UNote` component
- NEW: `UActionControl` component
- FIX: Remove credit notes from order template options
- FIX: Missing error handling when changing product ownership/currency
- FIX: Ticket reference prefix instructions/examples
- FIX: `UAside` spacing bugs
- FIX: Filter out empty provision config values
- FIX: Invoices listing autofocus bug
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.64.1 (15/12/2022)

- NEW: Replicate support pin component within the 'My account' section
- NEW: Add support pin masking controls
- FIX: 'Save card' option not honouring `is_stored` flag
- FIX: Broken cancellation request links
- FIX: Sentry issue UPMIND-1G3
- FIX: Sentry issue UPMIND-1EE
- FIX: Sentry issue UPMIND-1J1 (bin using computed property)
- INTERNAL: Block recommendations on bundle products (lacks support)
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations


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0.64.2 (16/12/2022)

- NEW: Add support pin to client dropdown
- FIX: List product categories using default BE sort
- FIX: Resolve Sentry issues
- FIX: UPinInput click handler when disabled
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations


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0.64.3 (21/12/2022)

- NEW: Refactor of billable entities with improved UX/UI
- NEW: Redesign and refactor of client emails
- NEW: Redesign and refactor of client phones
- FIX: Missing 'Hidden from client' label for secrets
- FIX: Masking of decrypted secret after update
- FIX: Basket cross-sell 'addToBasket' method
- FIX: Broken 'Login requires email' message
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.64.4 (21/12/2022)

- NEW: Implement merge provision configurations
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations
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0.65.0 (22/12/2022)

- NEW: (MVP) Implement client upgrade/downgrade functionality
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.65.1 (18/01/2023)

- NEW: Add confirmation when manually changing contract product status
- NEW: Add 'Manage product catalogue' CTA from contract products listing
- FIX: Invoice template editing
- FIX: Unhandled 409 in the context of a file download (ArrayBuffer)
- FIX: Missing 'taxes' relation for shared invoice objects
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.66.0 (27/01/2023)

- NEW: (BIG) Implement 'Product Trials' MVP
- NEW: Client area provisioning control tweaks
- FIX: Add missing redirect for deprecated 'manage' route
- FIX: Vault availability logic (checking BOS)
- FIX: Notes not being saved at the time of lead creation
- FIX: Hide redundant checkbox when only 1 provisioning config option
- FIX: Possible basket redirection loop, post-pay, when the total is zero
- FIX: Whitespace bug when 'read_more=1' param is passed
- FIX: Add sub-product error
- FIX: Handling of `null` links in affiliate referrals table
- FIX: Component caching issues routing directly between product views
- FIX: Remove 'hover' trigger from ticket list status flag dropdown
- INTERNAL: Update package.lock
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.66.1 (30/01/2023)

NEW: Allow manual refund of total credit balance

0.66.2 (30/01/2023)

FIX: Bug when editing product option pricing

0.66.3 (31/01/2023)

FIX: Check `can_modify` flag for client upgrade/downgrade condition

0.66.4 (07/02/2023)

- FIX: Don't send price during cProd modification, if unchanged
- FIX: Hide tax template settings if brand is not tax registered
- FIX: New ticket hook names
- FIX: Case sensitivity when comparing oauth clients
- FIX: Spacing below client template slots (login/register)
- FIX: License upgrade flow from payment provider modal
- FIX: Product tree view visibility when selecting products with manual filters
- FIX: Don't show trial button in migration context
- FIX: Filter available migration products by existing cProd term
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations


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0.66.5 (10/02/2023)

- INTERNAL: Use latest DAC widget (v1.3.3)

0.67.0 (15/02/2023)

- NEW: Monthly report MVP
- FIX: Visibility of selected provision config when managing TLDs 
- FIX: Trial basket flow changes
- FIX: Basket 409 redirection logic
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.67.1 (16/02/2023)

- NEW: Implement `init=xxx` query param automation
- NEW: Include highlighted billing actions within cProd 'Quick actions'
- NEW: Separate product categories & options within new monthly report
- FIX: Required prop error when creating ticket in cProd context
- INTERNAL: Refactor cProd actions to be more reusable
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.67.2 (16/02/2023)

- FIX: Pass `init` param through post-login redirection flow
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0.67.3 (17/02/2023)

- NEW: Add additional rows to monthly report
- FIX: Event actor representation following BE change
- FIX: Dropdown processing state when aborting client deletion
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations
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0.67.4 (27/02/2023)

- FIX: Cached status of Fraudmind label
- FIX: Refresh of basket data after encountering update 404 error
- FIX: Select category products when in tree view mode
- FIX: Sortable.js implementation
- FIX: Product/category translations in certain listings
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.67.5 (28/02/2023)

- FIX: Tax input step amount

0.68.0 (02/03/2023)

- NEW: Surface ticket brand when in org mode
- NEW: Subtle refinements to ticket inbox + listing UI
- NEW: Orders 'Date paid' filter
- FIX: Ticket-related department errors when in org mode
- FIX: Bug reading `image` from null
- FIX: List limit on affiliate tier conditions
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations
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0.68.1 (03/03/2023)

- INTERNAL: Minor ticket UI tweaks

0.68.2 (08/03/2023)

- NEW: Pass `ga_session_id` (if known) when creating access token
- FIX: FraudMind refresh on order complete page
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.68.3 (08/03/2023)

- FIX: Add manual (tokenised) payment method modal 

0.69.0 (16/03/2023)

- NEW: Move ticket departments to organisation level
- NEW: Implement deferred org signup, requiring only email upfront
- FIX: Disable cProd 'Activate' button for given fraud statuses
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.70.0 (20/03/2023)

- NEW: Implement 'Seed demo data' functionality
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.70.1 (24/03/2023)

- NEW: Add 'Copy to clipboard' functionality for mailbox hostname
- FIX: Incorrect department mailbox hostname
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.71.0 (30/03/2023)

- FIX: Pass monetary dataLayer values NET, not GROSS
- INTERNAL: Refactor how events are pushed to the Upmind dataLayer
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations
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  0.71.1 (30/03/2023)

- NEW: Implement basic migration product detail modal

 0.71.2 (31/03/2023)

- NEW: Implement ticket quick search (against subject, message body etc)
- FIX: Ticket status dropdown overlap on mobile
- INTERNAL: Replace `'` instances in FR/FR-CA locales
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.72.0 (20/04/2023)

- NEW: Implement auto-refresh (polling) within support inbox
- NEW: Add revenue recognition product setting field
- NEW: Add 'Default' label on 'Price list' controls
- NEW: Make emails within inbox listing copyable
- NEW: Support sorting of invoices by due date
- FIX: Broken 'Credit note' admin route
- FIX: Client profile GET currencies bug in ORG mode
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations
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0.72.1 (21/04/2023)

- NEW: Simplify ticket user assignment flow
- NEW: Add 'Clear all pricing' option when editing product billing
- NEW: Add `Legacy Invoices` listing and top level menu item 
- NEW: Implement new BOS to prevent clients from turning off auto-renew
- NEW: Support new gateway flag to force storing of details during payment
- NEW: Conditionally hide expiry date for given payment methods
- FIX: Include staged imports when listing client contract products
- FIX: Uncaught product fields error
- INTERNAL: Refactor `Avatar` component to suppress Gravatar 401 errors
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations
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0.73.0 (02/05/2023)

- NEW: Redesign transaction and payment logs UX/UI
- NEW: Surface all transactional events at an invoice level
- FIX: Field visibility when entering manual payment methods
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations
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0.73.1 (04/05/2023)

- FIX: Re-instate pending status on invoice payments listing

0.74.0 (10/05/2023)

- NEW: Show 'Sent email history' when managing an email template
- NEW: Option to link contract product when adding manual payment detail
- NEW: Add 'Load all' control for catalogue tree categories
- FIX: Show time sent & time bounced on email log modal
- FIX: Refresh provision field values when switching between cProd tabs
- FIX: Remove default limit (10) when listing a client's billable entities
- FIX: Remove block on deleting a selected billing entity
- FIX: Adjust 'autocomplete' value across password fields
- INTERNAL: Trust new `allow_manual_store` gateway flag
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.75.0 (11/05/2023)

- NEW: reCaptcha tokens are now generated prior to form submission
- NEW: Warning message when grecaptcha script is blocked by the client
- FIX: Potential 401 refresh loop when exiting to a guest context
- FIX: Preference sync across ticket inbox limit controls
- INTERNAL: Complete refactor of Google reCAPTCHA implementation
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations


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0.76.0 (26/05/2023)

- NEW: (BIG) Implement invoice consolidation setting controls
- NEW: Add client visibility toggles for every catalogue product billing term
- NEW: Allow past activation date when adding an existing service
- NEW: Implement retry request control on provision logs
- NEW: Add manual provisioning option within manage TLD modal
- FIX: Template access handling when jumping between brands 
- FIX: Request promise cancellation on certain lists
- FIX: Auto-select default address post-authentication, within checkout
- FIX: Whitespace preservation on provision field values 
- FIX: Share product tooltip position breaking UI
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations

0.76.1 (26/05/2023)

- FIX: Pass brandId on getBrandConfig request, when in org mode
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0.76.2 (30/05/2023)

- NEW: Add support for hiding/disabling client registration 
- NEW: Add translation support for 'Terms & Conditions' 
- NEW: UX/UI for managing 'Terms & Conditions' + link to Markdown guide 
- FIX: Setting locale when language designator is supported, but country not
- FIX: Delete for org level fraud rules
- FIX: Error handling on blocked 'Delete client' operation
- FIX: Invoice product routing for old(er) invoices
- FIX: Sentry issue 1J0
- FIX: Sentry issue 239
- FIX: Sentry issue 209
- FIX: Sentry issue 1H8
- INTERNAL: Sync Localazy translations


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0.76.3 (30/05/2023)

- FIX: Auto-populate price functionality
- FIX: Clipping of text length on store CTAs
- FIX: Display of translated terms when viewing revision history
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