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Frontend Release Notes


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- NEW: Implement Upmind client login redirection handling (allows my.upmind.com login to redirect to client brand admin area for ease of use)
- NEW: Implement `submitWithShortcut` support setting
- NEW: Implement `hide_catalog` product flag (hide a product from the catalog view, but let it be linked to directly)
- NEW: Implement skip import step(s) control  (on an import from external systems, allow some steps to be skipped entirely)
- NEW: Remove domain/code from org register/brand creation forms
- NEW: Surface assigned ticket user in client context 
- NEW: Show absolute dates on invoice listings 
- FIX: Recent invoices skeleton rows 
- FIX: Incorrect onboarding product messaging 
- FIX: Hide ticket department selector if only one dept. 
- FIX: Segments listing display modes 
- FIX: Display default BE error message on delete brand 409 
- FIX: 'Account not found' error when listing cross-sells as guest 
- FIX: Broken provision attribute values 
- FIX: Use of non-prefixed '/basket' routes in modify product modal 


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- NEW: Implement `show_catalog` (store) BOS setting in client area (Hide products or services from the browse catalogue view but let them be directly accessed)
- NEW: Add capability to change ticket status from list views (Click the status flag to change status quickly)
- NEW: Show contract product cancellation reason for accepted requests
- NEW: Add manual resolve control for unresolved provision requests 
- NEW: Show 'Product store link' in staff catalogue view
- NEW: Default to showing errors using `$snackbar` instead of `$toast` 
- FIX: Minor email modal bugs 
- FIX: Multiple unnecessary `user/addMeta` calls 
- FIX: Incorrect cancellation option for certain provision requests 
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- NEW: Preselect single mandatory options – facilitating setup fees etc
- NEW: Sort provision configurations alphabetically
- FIX: Show contract product settings tab regardless of status
- FIX: Default brand currency selection + related type warnings
- FIX: Only show store product link for main products (not options)
- FIX: Prioritise loading of lang packs (before any API calls are made)
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- NEW: Implement new "Manage my Upmind" interface for org admins
- NEW: Prompt "Resend verification email" modal when authenticating an unverified org
- NEW: Refine 'Recent tickets' listing component
- FIX: Sentry issue
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- FIX: Price not always being passed when modifying a contract product
- FIX: Bug when `brandCurrency` is undefined. Resolves Sentry issue
- FIX: "Cannot read properties of null" bug. Resolves Sentry issue
- FIX: "Cannot read properties of undefined error". Resolves Sentry issue
- FIX: Remove contract product 'Delegates' tab in My.Upmind context
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- NEW: Add support for 'Remove Upmind branding' option
- NEW: Integrate with Localazy for improved app translation management. If you're interested in helping translate our app into a specific language please get in touch :)
- NEW: Use browser default language (if supported) when no localStorage preference
- INTERNAL: Refactor retrieval of org config values
- INTERNAL: Sync latest translations (from Lokalise)
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- NEW: 'Turn off auto-renew' warning message when unpaid invoices
- NEW: Add filter for tags "Not set"
- FIX: Correctly show `upmind.app` instead of `.com` in mailbox form
- FIX: Provision configurations list order issue
- FIX: Contract product provision configuration filter limit issue
- FIX: Quick add to basket and cross-sells availability
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- NEW: Implement "One-Page" checkout flow (phase 1)
- NEW: Implement support for new checkout styling BOSs
- INTERNAL: Refactor of order, basket and checkout providers
- INTERNAL: Refactor of payment provider SCA hand-off

This release introduces the foundations of a new "one-page" checkout flow (pictured below) which we feel delivers a more modern and streamlined checkout experience. With this first phase now live, we'll be iterating quickly over the coming weeks to add further improvements and design changes – including configurable billing term design options (eg pricing cards), optionally deferring provision field capture to be post-order and new "Quick-add" to basket options – allowing customers to remain in the shop context rather heading straight to checkout.

To enable the new checkout flow, navigate to `/admin/settings/ui` in your Upmind instance and switch over from the "stepped" flow. We hope you like it and look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions 😃


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- NEW: Implement domain blueprint field management within host control module
- NEW: Implement quantity control on modify contract product modal
- NEW: Guard app entry from invalid or disabled OAuth clients
- NEW: Strip `(https?:\/\/)?(www\.)?` from domain availability checks
- FIX: Infinite refresh loop / 401 token error handling within the DAC
- FIX: Basket reset bug when switching clients in an admin context
- FIX: Unhandled exception when deleting client
- FIX: Contract product price display in list mode
- INTERNAL: Sync latest Localazy translations
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- NEW: Implement 'Billing term display' setting with new 'Cards' option
- FIX: Only show billing terms control when multiple terms exist


- NEW: Update provision requests log to support `poll` request rows
- NEW: 'Sync renewal dates' control on domain registrars listing
- NEW: Implement `BrandsProvider` with redesigned grid listing
- NEW: Indicate contract products with unresolved provision requests
- NEW: Use `UGridItem` component for contract products grid listing
- FIX: Sentry issue UPMIND-YV|YM|YN|YP (\$store is not defined)
- FIX: Sentry issue UPMIND-10S (basketPromos push)


- NEW: Refactor provision request modal, implementing `provisionRequestProvider`
- FIX: Product term discount & promotion display on radio selector
- FIX: Sentry issue UPMIND-TE
- INTERNAL: Sync latest Localazy translations
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- NEW: Improve phone input UX (using libphonenumber-js)
- NEW: Show subcategories as fallback when no products in shop context
- FIX: Asynchronous gateways not showing as option under "Pay invoice"
- FIX: Basket product provision fields vanishing after validation error
- FIX: Unhandled confirm delete error (in provision configurations)
- FIX: Auto-selection of single mandatory options when switching terms
- FIX: Sentry issue UPMIND-11V
- FIX: Sentry issue UPMIND-11R


- NEW: Implement smart account domain provision field
- FIX: Ticket table rows to render as native anchor elements
- FIX: Sentry issue UPMIND-11Z


- INTERNAL: Use latest DAC widget (v1.22.5)
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- NEW: Improved SCA handling & compliance
- INTERNAL: Part-refactor of payment & external auth providers


- NEW: Show unresolved provision requests message on contract product level
- NEW: Add manual activation control (below status) when awaiting activation
- NEW: Pre-populate affiliate link redirect URL using brand default
- FIX: Smart domain field validation when untouched
- FIX: Caching of status text after manual status change
- FIX: White space setting on gateway instructions (to use pre-line)
- FIX: Client stats incorrectly filtering by brand currency
- FIX: Order modal error handling when orderId not found
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- NEW: Add 'Change language' control for unauthenticated users
- NEW: Update contract product listing in admin»client context
- FIX: Basket reset bug after successful checkout
- FIX: Ghost sorting item post catalogue product creation
- INTERNAL: Sync latest Localazy translations


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- NEW: Implement BOS to disable/hide support system for clients
- NEW: Implement BOS to select billing term descriptions (monthly or yearly)
- NEW: Implement BOS to control position of 'Was price' on billing term cards
- NEW: Implement BOS to specify default redirect destination post-login
- NEW: Implement BOS to prevent payment method deletion unless a substitute exists
- NEW: Implement BOS to force card storage
- NEW: Implement BOS to set default `ENTER` key behaviour when composing messages
- NEW: Auto-redirect from client cprod listing when only one contract product exists
- NEW: Change display text of brand language selector
- FIX: Don't show `selector` child slot if empty
- INTERNAL: Sync latest Localazy translations
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- NEW: Implement client area template management UI
- NEW: Implement client 'footer' template slot
- NEW: Implement client 'login page' template slot
- NEW: Implement client 'register page' template slot
- NEW: Implement client 'support overview' template slot
- NEW: Implement client 'affiliate overview' template slot
- INTERNAL: Refactor template providers
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- FIX: Endpoint hit for client template render


- FIX: 'Powered by Upmind' having incorrect conditional


- NEW: Implement client template `slots?with=mappings` relation 
- NEW: Separate client area slots and templates into tabs 
- NEW: Refine client area template UI within catalogue context 
- FIX: Subject validation error when updating an existing client template 
- INTERNAL: Update `categorySelectField` to get/set `category_code` 
- INTERNAL: Sync latest Localazy translations 
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- NEW: Show payout status when listing affiliate payouts
- NEW: Improve detection of default locale with support for regional variations
- NEW: Render 'brand' type client templates without requiring an access token
- NEW: Implement MVP client area template filters
- FIX: Problematic redirection back to 'admin/login'
- FIX: Deep color styling on basket footer client template
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0.51.5 (07/07/2022)

- NEW: Surface used category filters in 'admin/clients/.../products' context

0.51.6 (19/07/2022)

- NEW: Improve brand custom domain management UX/UI
- FIX: Contract product provision provider filters
- INTERNAL: Implement new `UEmptyState` component
- INTERNAL: Sync latest Localazy translations

0.52.0 (26/07/2022)

- NEW: (BIG) Implement tax template, tag and location management 
- NEW: Refactor invoice output to accommodate new taxes schema 
- INTERNAL: Implement sort and select control for `UGridItem` 

0.53.0 (27/07/2022)

- FIX: Sentry issue UPMIND-14T 
- FIX: Broken avatar images showing in certain contexts
- INTERNAL: Refactor `Avatar` and `ProfileAvatar` components

0.54.0 (01/08/2022)

- NEW: 'Upmind Help Centre' MVP + ReadMe integration 
- FIX: Checkout button disabled state when unauthenticated 
- FIX: Required category bug when editing templates
- FIX: Minor catalogue price matrix bug 

0.55.0 (11/08/2022)

- NEW: Implement "Upmind remote access" controls 
- NEW: Implement UI for manually setting a clients password 
- NEW: Implement a "mark all resolved" control for provision requests 
- NEW: Implement ability to send test emails for bulk actions 
- FIX: Menu component not re-rendering following a language change 
- FIX: Overflow issue within tree selector component 
- FIX: Display of staged import tickets 
- FIX: Problem using GoCardless for new orders 
- FIX: Retrieval of client phones and emails when in a mock client context 
- FIX: Domain widget CSS issue affecting SLDs prefixed with numbers 
- FIX: 1px width issue when opening the "Select payment method" modal 
- INTERNAL: Minor changes to tax tag location management 
- INTERNAL: Add new `UFlexWrapper` and `UFlexItem` components 
- INTERNAL: Update provision-related TODO copy 
- INTERNAL: Sync latest Localazy translations 


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0.55.1 (16/08/2022)

- NEW: Implement a `503` scheduled maintenance modal
- FIX: Requests to `api/wallet` when in mock client context

0.56.0 (18/08/2022)

- NEW: Implement userflow.js resource center

0.56.1 (19/08/2022)

- NEW: Implement Upmind upgrade UX/UI

0.56.2 (23/08/2022)

- FIX: Bug with client area product template slots

0.56.3 (30/08/2022)

- NEW: Show upgrade messaging based on package feature limits
- NEW: Handle admin login 'redirect' directives
- INTERNAL: Sync latest Localazy translations

0.56.4 (30/08/2022)

- NEW: Better handle pending Upmind upgrade
- INTERNAL: Sync latest Localazy translations

0.56.5 (31/08/2022)

- FIX: Editing of brand gateways / payment providers

0.56.6 (2/09/2022)

- FIX: Ensure translated department name is always used

0.57.0 (5/09/2022)

- NEW: Implement client area template translations
- FIX: Incorrect localizations of `_datetime.json` lang files
- INTERNAL: Refactor change language UX to reload the entire page
- INTERNAL: Tweak login 'isProcessing' state
- INTERNAL: Sync localazy translations
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0.58.0 (07/09/2022)

- NEW: Implement 'Quick order' modal with advanced convert params

0.58.1 (08/09/2022)

- NEW: Add i18n support for payment gateway 'Display name' field
- NEW: Globally implement new `UTranslateInput` component
- FIX: Translations not always showing in certain object contexts
- INTERNAL: Refactor and simplify object translations code
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