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New domain providers

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Hi there


Yes OpenProvider is on the list


The current roadmap is


Resellerclub (this week)
NetEarthOne (this week)
ConnectReseller (next week)




Please request any others. We support Enom, Hexonet, OpenSRS, Nominet at present.

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Please consider adding https://porkbun.com/ to the list.
NameCheap was our Nr.1, but recently they denied us registering Domain-Names because the name was on some kind of a "brand/trademark"-list.
Which included even some common words. Anyhow, they denied us to register our own Trade-marked names - which is ridiculous!

Porkbun is kinda cheap, fast and seems like a good alternative pick for us. (Beside the fact that the name sounds strange and what so not,... rest is fine 😉 )

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Could you consider to add Versio on your Roadmap after checking if it's possible. Because I am focusing on the Netherlands and it would be handy for us Dutchies.
I am not promoting this, if someone has a better option I would like to hear it.

For 9 euro a month you get a domainname reseller account with phone support.
These are the domain prices Versio - Prijsoverzicht Reseller

For 19 euro a month you get a wholesale reseller account with phone support.
These are de domain prices Versio - Prijsoverzicht Groothandel

This is the API
Versio REST API documentation

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