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Public Beta Now Open


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Pleased to say that we have enabled the public beta registration link at https://upmind.com/start

We encourage you to sign up and start using Upmind. 

A few notes on Beta

Upmind is pretty battle tested -- it's been in use by a number of brands for some time, in a variety of industries. Obviously we are starting with a solution for hosting businesses, but the software has also been used to handle membership organisations, a drinks ordering business, software licensing and more.

That said, there are many areas we are still improving. We really need user feedback and requests in order for us to improve further.

Here are some of the things we are aware we need to improve imminently. Feedback on any of them (or anything else) is appreciated.

Using Upmind

  • Initial sign up and onboarding. There are some things which need to be clearer.
  • Managing your Upmind account
  • Creating staff roles and user groups. We have 1000+ permission sets which is unmanageable when creating staff roles. 
  • Ability to choose jurisdiction where your data is stored. At present data is on AWS in London,
  • Support guides within the app

Finance and Invoicing

  • Tax management and GST Billing. We at the moment support EU VAT. Dual zone tax and more advanced controls are coming soon
  • Currency management (at present you have to add currencies by associating them with gateways)

Frontend Website

  • The customer order flow is being completely rewritten and optimised, with a specific flow for domain and hosting orders.
  • We will shortly be offering embeddable widgets for your frontend website. Including plan cards, price lists etc.
  • Adding custom content (in Markdown with twig variables) into the client area.

Domain Support

Domain support is generally very good. However we will shortly be adding 

  • Polling (to get accurate statuses from registrars)
  • Transfer centre to manage incoming and outgoing transfers
  • Contact management
  • CCTLD fields (e.g. Nexus for US domains)

More integrations and gateways

We are adding more payment gateways, hosting and domain providers quickly. Our focus at the moment is still a little on all of the above, but once done we can focus primarily on expanding integrations. We already have two developers working full time on new domain integrations.

Requested Features

The following features are high priority and in the imminent roadmap.

  • We will be removing the concept of 'attributes' and combining them with product options.
  • Moving services between clients
  • Changing the currency of existing services
  • Client upgrades and downgrades
  • Support ticket assigned departments for staff
  • Financial reporting and exports
  • WHMCS Import improvments
  • GDPR data download for clients
  • Data backup







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