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  1. I'm liking what I see so far, but our primary brand, which I'd love to move off WHMCS, needs several modules before it can be migrated: Virtualizor (VPS provisioning) SmarterMail (for a Business email service we provide) Streaming CDN (for live and tv station video streaming) SonicPanel (Shoutcast audio streaming) We have non-obfuscated WHMCS modules for all of the above, which may be sufficient for coding these. I may at some point attempt to develop modules for these, but my time is severely limited. I'd be interested if any of these are planned for in-house development or could be sponsored? In the meantime, I hope to start a new brand built on Upmind + Enhance (when available) + one of your available registrar modules just to put Upmind and Enhance to a good test.
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