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  1. Is it possible yet to set package/product usage limits I.e websites/ssd
  2. How do I add what I’ve created? And is it private to me, or shared with everyone?
  3. Is there a ETA on when we can create custom provision templates/modules for third party systems ourselves?
  4. Magic reply is just canned responses glorified
  5. Who’s going to see the requests in the network tab really though? Seems a bit of a waste of time to worry about.
  6. Would be nice if when we disabled support it hid the support from the navigation.
  7. Can we please get a button or tickbox to strip www from the order form for Enhance configuration? Seeing as Enhance handles the DNS the customer should only be able to put in the root hostname, not a subdomain.
  8. Can we get Stripe integration with Link? Stripe is increasing fees a lot without it. How can I reduce card processing costs? We built Link, Stripe’s one-click checkout, to help you increase conversion and reduce card processing costs. Link auto-fills payment details across hundreds of thousands of websites. You can process card payments using Link starting at 1.2% + £0.20 per transaction.
  9. jwhm


    So I’m having difficulty with handling disputes as Stripe require a exportable log now to prove a customer was using the product(in the case of SaaS and hosting etc), is there any way we could get a button that exports a customers activity including logins, etc as proof they were using the service, and a section that we can export their cancellation requests etc
  10. In the U.K yes, we’ve had a convo with stripe about it, and they want us to crack down on verification etc as hosting is high risk in their eyes.
  11. I will ask specifically, they mentioned about SMS verification and ID verification
  12. They want to have customers verify identity when providing data storage or hosting services, apparently, maybe this is with dispute prone businesses?
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