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  1. I just disabled my adblocker and it verified the domain after I refreshed the page. I would recommend you place a adblocking warning on the admin panel so the admin knows functions may break while an adblocker is in use. I also checked the inspect element and I can see the adblocker was blocking a GET request to verify the domain. I am using adblock on google chrome by the way.
  2. We are having an issue with adding an external domain name so our customers can access us from client.hostsimple.net instead of rdjhl4fa0acg.upmind.app. When I ping the website, the ip appears which appears on the A name. When I try to verify the domain name I get the error "Domain verification failed". I gave it many hours so it should have propagated by now like all the other dns changes I did before.
  3. Hello my name is Nathan. I am from Dublin, Ireland. I'm currently creating a web hosting company called host simple (hostsimple.net). We will specalise in shared hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hosting, wordpress hosting & other services. We hope to reach the Irish userbase and EU userbase. I am checking out Upmind as I like the UI and backend. I found upmind when I was purchasing reseller hosting on verpex and stable point some time ago. Thanks for looking :-)
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